The move everybody saw coming finally happened: The Cardinals traded Josh Rosen.

Arizona got very little value on the trade, which went down during the second round of the draft. Last season, the Cards traded up to the 10th overall pick to take the UCLA passer, sending a third and fifth-round picks to Oakland in addition with their 15th pick. 

On Friday night, Arizona GM Steve Keim moved Rosen and a fifth-rounder to Miami for a second-round pick that they used to take UMass WR Andy Isabella.

Again, Arizona did bad in this series of transactions. Kyler Murray might prove worth all of it, but that will be seen this fall. 

The question for Redskins fans is what could have been. 

Washington was interested in Rosen and put a call into Arizona once they selected Murray, but instead selected Dwayne Haskins with the 15th pick. 

Haskins has immense upside, thanks to his huge arm and prototypical size. But Rosen was an elite prospect too, and many analysts still believe he can be a Pro Bowl NFL passer despite a dreadful rookie year.

What might have been doesn't really matter now. 

The 'Skins made their pick and are now invested long-term with Haskins. He's the QB of the future in Washington, and the team did not have to trade up to select him. 

Rosen for just a second-round pick might be greater value than Haskins with the 15th, but that's not the full equation. 


The Redskins used their second-round pick, and a 2020 second-round pick, to trade up for Montez Sweat with the 26th pick of the first round

Haskins and Sweat combined to make a tremendous first round for the Redskins 2019 draft. Both players start with a clean slate and an opportunity to win over Washington fans. 

Though probably not his fault, Rosen comes with baggage. Arizona chose to move on from him after just one season, even though they traded up to get him.

For some Redskins fans, the question will linger over what might have been with Rosen. Hypothetically, the 'Skins could have drafted Sweat or another pass rusher at 15 and used their own second-round pick to trade for Rosen. Then they'd still have a QB and pass rusher without giving up their 2020 second rounder. 

While that scenario also sounds good, it might not have happened that way. And what did actually happen looks quite strong.