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Dos and don'ts for still enjoying this Sunday while the Redskins are off on their bye


Dos and don'ts for still enjoying this Sunday while the Redskins are off on their bye

Bye weeks can be tricky for NFL fans. While everyone else's teams are busy tossing touchdowns, being penalized for idiotic blocks in the back on punt returns and picking off DeShone Kizer, you're left looking forward to the next week of action.

That somewhat empty feeling is one Redskins supporters will experience this weekend, as Washington will be on its bye along with three other franchises. But a fun football Sunday can still be had by all Burgundy and Gold lovers, as long as they pursue it properly.

And to pursue it properly, those Burgundy and Gold lovers should follow these dos and don'ts.


Do: Watch the NFL.

You may be thinking that, since the Redskins are off on Sunday, you can use your newfound free time to do things like take your kids to the pumpkin patch or get that lunch with the neigbors you don't really like but have to be polite to out of the way.

If you find yourself thinking that way, here's a tip: Stop. You're acting like a crazy person. This isn't to say you are a crazy person, just that you're acting like one.

There are only 17 NFL Sundays every year. You must cherish each and every one; they're simply too precious to be discarded just because the 'Skins aren't suiting up. When pro football isn't going on, after all, the viewing options on a typical Sunday are bowling or season 24, episode 9 of House Hunters (that's the one where newlyweds need to find a house before the wedding, apparently).

Cheer on the Packers as they play the Cowboys. Watch Ravens-Raiders to see if Joe Flacco can somehow push his QB rating to a sub-zero level. Whatever you do, just tune in to Week 5, even without the promise of a Redskins game. 

Don't: Wake up early.

Kirk Cousins, Ryan Kerrigan and all those other players are on their bye. You can treat this Sunday as yours, too.

The last two Redskins matchups have been primetime affairs. Add those late nights to long work weeks, and your sleep schedule is probably starting to resemble where the Giants are in the NFC East: behind.

Fortunately, with Washington off, there are no tailgates to prepare for or any last-second scouting of opponents to do. In fact, there's not even an inevitable blowout in London to laugh at in the morning. While you should still be in front of the TV for the one o'clock showdowns, there's no point in getting up much earlier than that if you can avoid it.


Do: Reacquaint yourself with those closest to you.

While you'll still be paying close attention to the gridiron goings on, you won't have to do so as intensely because the Redskins won't be involved. Therefore, it's the perfect chance for you to have conversations with and reconnect to those living in your home.

Ask your spouse or significant other deep questions like, "How are you?" and "What have you been up to since Week 1?" Have a kid in school? Try this line on 'em: "What grade are you in again?"

After their break, the Redskins will return and play for the next 12 weeks. So this Sunday represents a chance to rekindle relationships with friends and family right before you return to ignoring them for another three months (or four if Jamison Crowder and Jordan Reed get going).

Don't: Start any Redskins in your fantasy league.

Chris Thompson has been a beast this year, but racking up points for your squad in your PPR league while on a bye is something even he can't do.

BONUS DO: Subscribe to NBC Sports Washington's #RedskinsTalk podcast.

How do you like your podcasts? Full of exclusive player interviews, instant postgame analysis and banter between hosts who spend too much time too close together?

Then NBC Sports Washington's #RedskinsTalk pod is the one for you. Worth mentioning: A new one drops Sunday, because there is no bye week for producing strong, in-depth content.

Click here for the #RedskinsTalk on Apple Podcastshere for Google Play.

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Derrius Guice continues to ingratiate himself with Redskins fans with new fundraising effort

Derrius Guice continues to ingratiate himself with Redskins fans with new fundraising effort

For most college players, being a part of the NFL Draft experience is a dream come true, but for Derrius Guice, it was becoming a nightmare. Originally projected as a first round pick, Guice saw his name falling fast on draft boards due to questions raised about his maturity and high-maintenance personality.

Two months removed from the Redskins selecting him 59th overall, Guice has erased any doubt regarding his character. Whether it be taking fans out to the movies, shooting the breeze while signing autographs, or even the occasional leap frog over two practice barrels and a trainer, Guice has ingrained himself as a Redskins fan favorite. He's done a great job at making himself popular, now he's focused on making change for others. 

On June 20th, a day before his birthday, Guice announced he would be running a fundraiser for the Mary Bird Perkins center, a cancer foundation in his hometown of Baton Rouge. Inspired by his best friend's mother who "rang that bell,"—an indication that a patient has beaten cancer—Guice wants to help others do the same. 

Guice has utilized his newfound popularity to entice other peope to donate. If you donate $5, you can play him in Fortnite. For $50, you guys can go bowling together. Anyone willing to donate $100 or more will be entered in a raffle for tickets to the Redskins Monday Night Football game against the Saints. 

If Guice can match his off the field popularity with on the field production, he'll be in contention for Rookie of the Year. Anyone interested in donating can click here


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Need to Know: Five Redskins on the bubble who could make the roster

USA Today Sports Images

Need to Know: Five Redskins on the bubble who could make the roster

Here is what you need to know on this Thursday, June 21, 35 days before the Washington Redskins start training camp.  

The first five off of the roster

Here are five players who are not on my projection of the Redskins’ 53-man roster (offensedefense) but who are one injury or a few strong preseason game performances away from making it. 

G Kyle Kalis—Last year he lined up with the second team during most of training camp and he nearly made the roster as an undrafted free agent. The team did re-sign him after injuries struck the O-line in the middle of the season. He will push Tyler Catalina for a backup guard spot. 

RB Byron Marshall—He got a few touches last year before ending up on injured reserve. Marshall has looked good in practices so far, especially catching out of the backfield. Jay Gruden likely will play Chris Thompson sparingly in the preseason and that could give Marshall a chance to shine. Don’t sleep on him. 

WR Cam Sims—Right now, the undrafted rookie out of Alabama looks like the eighth wide receiver on the roster and they are only going to keep six. But if he continues to get the attention of Gruden with his play in practice and makes the most of his opportunities in preseason games, Robert Davis and Maurice Harris should look out. 

S Fish Smithson—The Redskins liked him a lot after they signed him as an undrafted free agent last year. But they didn’t like him enough to keep him on the 53-man roster; he spent the year on the practice squad, getting a late-season cup of coffee on the roster. He will push both Deshazor Everett and Troy Apke for a backup safety spot. If the Redskins have reason to be concerned about the health of Montae Nicholson they might figure out a way to keep Smithson on as a fifth safety. 

ILB Martrell Spaight—It looks like Spaight’s three-year tenure with the team essentially came to an end when they drafted Sean Dion Hamilton in the fifth round. But his play in offseason practices indicates he’s not going to go out without a fight. 

Next five off: OT T.J. Clemmings, QB Kevin Hogan, RB Kapri Bibbs, NT Phil Taylor, CB Danny Johnson

Stay up to date on the Redskins. Rich Tandler covers the team 365 days a year. Like his Facebook page, follow him on Twitter  @TandlerNBCSand on Instagram @RichTandler


Redskins running back Derrius Guice was born on this date in 1997. 

Days until:

—Training camp starts (7/26) 35
—Preseason opener @ Patriots (8/9) 49
—Roster cut to 53 (9/1) 72

The Redskins last played a game 172 days ago. They will open the 2018 NFL season at the Cardinals in 80 days. 

In case you missed it