Could Doug Williams see the Redskins drafting a quarterback with a first-round pick? For sure.

But could the Redskins Senior Vice President of Player Personnel envision Washington trading up from pick No. 15 to do so? Not exactly.

While speaking to reporters at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Williams was asked what the better path to the playoffs for Washington would be — signing a veteran passer or picking up a rookie and trusting him with the job.

In his answer, he didn't back down from the idea of committing to a first-year player.

"I think where we are at this point, and like I said earlier, if there's a quarterback there that we like at 15, 9 out of 10 we'll go that route," Williams said.

They won't select one just for the sake of selecting one, though.

"If it's not somebody we like, we'll go with Colt and if we got to go out and get a veteran to work with him until that time comes, that's probably what we'll do," he said. "It all boils down to who's there when it's time for us to be."

Both options are still very much in play, as they should be considering how much time there is between now and the Redskins' turn on the clock. 

One thing that doesn't sound very likely, at least according to Williams, is the Burgundy and Gold jumping up in the first round to land their guy. 

"That's not something that we even talked about in this time," he explained. "We got a lot more needs on this football team than to say we can give up two or three picks and say 'pick one guy' and think we're going to have a football team that we hope to have."


"I think we got to use our picks wisely, and make sure we get guys that will come in here and help us build this football team a lot better than what it is."