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Is the draft talent pool deep enough for the Redskins to trade back?

Is the draft talent pool deep enough for the Redskins to trade back?

When is a first-round pick really a second-round pick? That is a question the Redskins may have to ponder when they consider trade down options when the draft gets underway 13 days from today. 

As are many teams, the Redskins are open to the idea of moving back in the NFL draft to pick up some extra picks. However, they should be careful about just how far back they trade. 

Albert Breer of the MMQB had an item in one of his articles where he quoted a team executive saying, “The problem is that the 22nd pick might as well be in the third round.” That was an exaggeration, said Breer, but the consensus is that “the difference between [picks] 22 and 52 is minimal.” 


As evidence, Breer cites the trade between the Jets and Colts with New York sending three second-round picks to Indianapolis to move up from No. 6 overall to No. 3. If the second round had its usual quality this year, it probably would have taken just two seconds to move up three spots. But with the picks devalued by the lack of quality, the Jets had to put in all three of their second rounders. 

Assuming that this is true, the Redskins are safe where they are at No. 13. They should be able to get a quality player there and from that point is a matter of proper development and maximizing the player’s talent. 

And if they are able to make a simple swap to regain the third-round pick they traded away in the Alex Smith deal, they still should be safe. Per the draft trade value chart, which is somewhat outdated but still a good guideline, the Redskins would have to move back four spots to pick No. 17 to get a fourth. 

However, a simple swap is not always available. The Redskins may need to go back further in order to collect additional picks if that’s the deal that’s offered to them. And they may be cautious of moving into the twenties to make a deal. If the offer on the table is from a team further back in the first round, perhaps offering a late second-round pick to move back, the Redskins would then be moving into an area where the talent level may have declined significantly from their original pick. 


What you have to consider when analyzing all of this is that the general consensus is not necessarily the Redskins’ view. Their evaluation could say that quality players will last through the first round. Or they may have only, say, 15 players with first-round grades on their board with a sharp drop after that. 

To further jumble the picture, the Redskins may see a drop in talent level later in the first round and make a deal to add picks anyway. At the Senior Bowl, Doug Williams said, “I’ve always said the draft is kind of like a crapshoot sometimes.” That would indicate a belief that adding more picks will increase the chances of having a good draft simply because you have more rolls of the dice. 

This is where the draft trade chart can get thrown out. In other words, if the Redskins trade back and the trade works out on the chart they may have been fleeced. If it looks like they got a good haul, perhaps they just got equal value. 

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Need to Know: Adrian Peterson visit part of Redskins contingency planning at running back

Need to Know: Adrian Peterson visit part of Redskins contingency planning at running back

Here is what you need to know on Monday, August 20, four days before the Washington Redskins host the Broncos in their third preseason game. 

Talking points

Jay Gruden added some clarity to the Redskins’ running back situation, although questions remain. 

First, and perhaps most important, he said that there are no immediate plans to sign Jamaal Charles or Orleans Darkwa, both of whom visited Redskins Park on Sunday, or Adrian Peterson, who is scheduled to come to Ashburn today. 

"Well we want to bring them in to get physicals on them just in case,” said Gruden. Like I said, we have had very [unlucky] situations with our running backs with obviously Guice and Marshall and Samaje, if something else happens, we are going to be really, really, really thin, so we just want to make sure we are covering all our bases right now and we will address it when we feel like we have to." 

Derrius Guice is out for the season with a torn ACL. Byron Marshall and Samaje Perine suffered injuries last Thursday against the Jets. According to media reports, Perine should be out a week and Marshall for two to four weeks. 

The key to what Gruden said was the part about “covering all of our bases right now”. Things are tight at running back now. But they are a Rob Kelley injury or a Perine setback away from being in big trouble. They would need to go to Plan B and that might be Peterson or Charles or Darkwa. 

But the Redskins have a short-term problem. Assuming Perine won’t play on Friday in the third preseason game against the Broncos, the Redskins would only be left with Kelley and Kapri Bibbs to handle most of the load in that game. Chris Thompson is scheduled to play some, but only for about a quarter. The Redskins will want to acquire at least one other running back to play on Friday. 

It sounds like that back won’t be someone like Charles or Darkwa, but it could well be someone you’ve never heard of. It was somewhat surprising that they didn’t have a new running back at practice today, but it’s very likely that they will have someone in place in time for practice on Tuesday. 

Bureau of statistics

2017 stat slash lines for RBs visiting the Redskins

Darkwa (NYG) 171 att./751 yds./4.4 yds per att./5 TD
Charles (DEN) 69/296/4.3/1
Peterson (AZ/NO) 156/529/3.4/2

The agenda

Today: Off day

Upcoming: Preseason Broncos @ Redskins (Aug. 24) 4 days; Final cut (Sept. 1) 12 days; Season opener @ Cardinals (Sept. 9) 20 days

In case you missed it

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The Redskins are reportedly hosting Adrian Peterson for a free agent visit

The Redskins are reportedly hosting Adrian Peterson for a free agent visit

After sustaining a number of injuries to their running back group, the Redskins need help at the position. 

In that quest, the team will bring in veteran Adrian Peterson for a free agent visit, per Ian Rapoport of NFL Media.

Arguably one of the best all-time running backs in the NFL, Peterson not being on a roster at this point in the season might be a surprise. Last year, Peterson split time between New Orleans and Arizona and rushed for more than 500 yards. 

Peterson built his fame and name with a long run of success in Minnesota, including a 2,000-yard season in 2012. In 123 games with the Vikings spanning 10 years, he rushed for nearly 12,000 yards and 97 touchdowns. 

Washington is in serious need for depth and talent at RB. 

Rookie Derrius Guice went down for the season in the preseason opener, and last week Samaje Perine and Byron Marshall sustained injuries. 

At Sunday's practice, head coach Jay Gruden joked that his son, Jack, should take some practice reps at the position. 

Currently, the Redskins only have Rob Kelley, Chris Thompson and Kapri Bibbs as running backs on the roster, and Thompson hasn't played yet this preseason as he's working back from a broken leg last November.

The Redskins also worked out veteran runners Jamaal Charles and Orleans Darkwa. Peterson has the biggest name of all of them.

This offseason, Peterson also worked out with Redskins tackle Trent Williams.


For more analysis on Peterson's visit, check out this RB-oriented episode of Redskins Talk.