One thing that is certain for the Washington Redskins in 2019 is that they are in desperate need of a quarterback.  

The team is reportedly preparing to be without Alex Smith next season after suffering a gruesome leg injury, and while backup Colt McCoy is competent, he too is coming off an injury.

While this year's draft class doesn't bolster the same type of first-round talent the 2018 draft had to offer, the Redskins still have several options.

With all the buzz surrounding them, your initial thoughts will go to drafting the likes of Oklahoma's Kyler Murray or Ohio State's Dwayne Haskins. But after hearing who former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf compared Duke's Daniel Jones to, the Redskins may want to reconsider who they put atop their draft board.

"If you watch him, he looks like Peyton Manning," Leaf said on the Redskins Talk Podcast Tuesday.

"And you see why working with [head coach David] Cutcliffe, the mannerisms and all those things. And if you're building a quarterback, you want someone built out of the mold of Peyton Manning I think and be able to work." 

Cutcliffe, who's been the head coach at Duke since the 2008 season, worked with both Peyton and Eli Manning during his time at Tennessee and Ole Miss. He also coached former Redskins first-round pick, Heath Shuler. 


Leaf, who bounced around the league for four years, knows a thing or two about Mannning as well. In the 1998 NFL Draft, Leaf was taken as the second-overall pick by the Chargers with Manning going No. 1 to the Colts.

But are any of these prospects worthy of a first-round pick? History has shown that early draft stock could mean very little once you hit an NFL field. 

"There's some quarterbacks this year that I think could be substantial additions to football teams," Leaf added.

"I don't necessarily know if there's a Jared Goff in this class or a Deshaun Watson or a Patrick Mahomes. But I wouldn't have thought that about Dak Prescott a few years ago and seeing the ability for him to go out and do what he did. I didn't see Baker Mayfield performing the way he did being the No. 1 pick. When the whole season ended and the way he meteorically jumped up the scales to get to a place where they found one GM to say, 'hey, he's our guy' and he had a heck of a season because of it. 

Listen to Leaf's full interview below.