For the first time since 2012, the Redskins have a prized first-round rookie quarterback on their roster. 

Now, the team must decide how to approach Dwayne Haskins' first year in the NFL.

Does Washington give him the job right away and let him open up as the No. 1 option in Week 1? Do they let Case Keenum get the first shot, then insert Haskins if things don't go well? Or do they hold him out as long as possible, considering how inexperienced he still is?

Those are the questions the franchise must ask itself, because while Haskins' career is just beginning, it's crucial that things get off to a promising start. And those are the questions is asking, too.

Over the next few weeks, you'll hear from analysts like JP Finlay, Brian Mitchell, Pete Hailey and Grant Paulsen, as they all analyze how they would approach the Dwayne Decision. Before you hear from them, though, it's necessary to get Haskins' and Jay Gruden's thoughts on how the youngster handled his initial exposure to the pro level. 

So, here's the passer and the head coach. Check back as the summer rolls along for the takes from NBC Sports Washington's voices, too. And be ready to submit yours at some point, as we intend to let the fans chime in.

What Gruden and Haskins are saying (WATCH)

"We threw a lot at him: formations, motions, protections, route concepts, run concepts, audible, two-minute, no huddle, all of that stuff. There is a lot to learn for the kid, but we want to get it all out there for him so he has an understanding of what it is going to be like come training camp. A long way to go, but I like where he is at." - Gruden after June minicamp


"When I know what I'm doing, I feel like I'm pretty good... Once I figure out the plays, I feel like the sky's the limit for me." - Haskins after June minicamp

The Redskins' decision with Dwayne Haskins actually isn't that complicated (WATCH)

Dwayne Haskins will eventually be the Redskins' starting quarterback, writes JP Finlay. Haskins will be competing for the starting job during training camp in August and the decision on whether or not he will start is ultimately up to him. Win the competition? Get the starting spot.

Brian Mitchell says if Dwayne Haskins 'proves he's the best, he goes on the football field' (WATCH)

If Dwayne Haskins proves he's the best on the field, he'll start Week 1, Brian Mitchell says. It should not matter who is the oldest or who has the most 'experience' or who has been on the team the longest. If a rookie proves he's better than the rest, he should get the starting job.

Mike Florio: The Redskins should start the QB who 'puts you in the best position to win' (WATCH)

The Redskins should start whichever quarterback gives them the best chance to win in 2019, according to Mike Florio. While the Redskins may have their quarterback of the future in Dwayne Haskins, he may not be the best option to win come Week 1. Case Keenum is an underrated quarterback, according to Florio, and if he is the best option come the season, he should be the starter.

Grant Paulsen: Why Case Keenum should start over Dwayne Haskins (WATCH)

At least for the first few weeks, the Redskins need to go with Case Keenum, Grant Paulsen argued. Haskins is talented with an enormous amount of potential, but he's only got one year as a starter at Ohio State and might not be ready for the NFL right away. Maybe check back around Week 5 or 6.

Pete Hailey: Redskins can stay patient, but once Haskins earns the job, it's his to keep (WATCH)

The Redskins should be in no rush to push Dwayne Haskins onto the field, especially if he's not the best option to win in Week 1. But the Redskins invested a first-round pick in Haskins, who they expect to be their franchise quarterback for years to come. Once Haskins does earn the job, it must stay his, Pete Hailey argued. There will be bumps in the road, as there are with any rookie quarterback, but the Redskins must stay the course and allow Haskins to grow.

The Outsiders: Rushing Dwayne Haskins may create more harm than help (WATCH)

With holes on the offense around him and a tough schedule to open up the season, is throwing Dwayne Haskins out there for Week 1 really the best choice? Nick Ashooh and Wes Hall don't believe so, as the two feel Haskins would be better suited taking a back seat once the season begins. Factoring in strong opponents and holes on the offensive line, The Outsiders feel that a veteran like Case Keenum should handle the potential early-season struggles and worry that rushing Haskins onto the field and into the fire may hurt him in the long run.


Trevor Matich: Play Haskins in spurts until he proves he's ready (WATCH)

The Redskins should play Haskins in spurts throughout the first couple weeks of the season until he proves he's ready mentally for the starting job, Trevor Matich says. Rushing Haskins into the starting job could potentially destroy his confidence, especially if Haskins were to perform poorly and the Redskins were forced to bench him. Let Haskins play meaningful snaps throughout the first few weeks, break out of his bad habits, and then have him earn the full-time starting job.

Chris Simms: The 'safe play' for Jay Gruden is to go with experience (WATCH)

This season will be a contract year for Jay Gruden in the final year of his deal. A lot will be weighing on the head coach, including putting the team in a position to win immediately. Former NFL QB Chris Simms believes that Gruden will likely turn to the experience on his roster rather than Dwayne Haskins. The Gruden question might be the most important question when it comes to Haskins' playing in his rookie year.