Stand on the sidelines of an NFL practice and it's easy to see how many different position players have incredible arm strength.

Remember that long before the bright lights of the NFL, plenty of football players actually take snaps at quarterback on the high school and youth levels. For example, Redskins tight end Jordan Reed was recrutied to the University of Florida to play QB, and left tackle Trent Williams throws one of the prettiest spirals ever for an offensive lineman. 

That serves as a reminder that plenty of NFL players want to show off their arms, and that includes Falcons WR Mohammed Sanu. 

Sanu's arm actually got Redskins rookie QB Dwayne Haskins to respond. 

Then another Redskins rookie got involved when wideout Kelvin Harmon showed off his cannon. 

Until Haskins posts his video — and as the 15th overall pick who's an actual quarterback, he should win this contest — Harmon gets to be the winner for using the awesome duel emoji that nobody else knew existed.