Asking a quarterback if he likes when his team brings in new offensive talent is like asking Bill O'Brien if he likes making trades that confuse everyone. In both cases, the answer is going to be yes.

But still, during an interview on the Redskins Talk podcast, Dwayne Haskins was given the chance to review the Redskins' choices of Antonio Gibson and Antonio Gandy-Golden in the 2020 draft. And while it wasn't exactly shocking that he came in on the positive side, it still matters.

"I'm excited about the additions," Haskins told JP Finlay. 

The two Antonios are now in the mix of an offense that also includes Terry McLaurin, Steven Sims and Kelvin Harmon at wideout, and Adrian Peterson, JD McKissic and Derrius Guice in the backfield. 

Take that on-field personnel and combine it with some new voices on the sideline in coordinator Scott Turner and position coach Ken Zampese, and it's clear that the organization wanted to better surround Haskins any way it could.

Now, the unit isn't one that's suddenly going to be revered league wide or mentioned in any conversation about the sport's most threatening groups — Amari Cooper would've gone a long way toward changing that — but it does seem like it's going to be more well-rounded than the bunch that was the NFL's least capable last year. There's youth and versatility sprinkled throughout the skill spots.



Gibson, actually, is the perfect combination of both of those qualities. The dangerous Memphis star had just one year of real production at school, but in that one year, the production was real. As a hybrid player, he turned 71 offensive touches into 12 scores.

Because of his limited experience at school, Gibston's transition to the pros may be a difficult one initially, yet his upside remains huge. That's why Haskins perked up when he began speaking about Gibson on Redskins Talk. 

"When AG said he was a playmaker, that got me fired up," Haskins said. "He hit me up after the draft and he was trying to figure out any tips and things he can learn about the offense."

Then there's Gandy-Golden, whom Haskins is already trying to meet up with so the two can begin building a connection. 

Much like Gibson, the 6-foot-4 target could face challenges early on in the NFL, especially if the live offseason reps are as limited as they're tracking to be. Going from Liberty to the NFC East was going to be demanding already, and if he has to do that without much in-person coaching and an introduction to next-level DBs, then he may also encounter a slow start.

That possibility hasn't prevented many from labeling Gandy-Golden a Day 3 steal, though, and he does have some unique abilities — most notably the one where he consistently snatches jump balls away from defenders, often times embarrassing his opponent in the process — that may translate right away.

Haskins already recognizes Gandy-Golden's new and appealing traits, labeling him the "type of player we were kind of missing last year."

So, No. 7 is understandably pleased that the Redskins followed through on their desire to improve the offense in the draft. Some will still question whether the investments were premium enough, but the team's starter won't be one of them.

Instead, he's going to be busy imagining ways to incorporate the Antonios into the Burgundy and Gold's growing core. He'll be doing it with a smile, too.