The 2019 NFL Draft now has its premier quarterback.

On Monday, Ohio State passer Dwayne Haskins announced on Twitter that he's turning pro. He's fresh off a season in Columbus where he threw 50 touchdowns and finished third in Heisman Trophy voting, and with his choice, he immediately becomes the top signal caller in April's draft.

QB-needy teams, a group that certainly includes the Redskins, should be happy about Haskins' declaration.

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There's a lot of evaluating to do, but the Ohio State product looks like a top-5 caliber player. What's interesting, however, is that several organizations at the top of the draft order have already made commitments under center.

The Cardinals, who own the top pick, drafted Josh Rosen last year. After them, the 49ers and Jets are spoken for at the sport's most important position as well. 

Behind them are the Raiders and Bucs, two franchises that could look at Haskins but could also keep rolling with Derek Carr and Jameis Winston, respectively. 

So, if you want to try and project what'll happen when the clock starts ticking — an exercise that's both very fun and very difficult — it's not hard to imagine some team trading up to try and acquire Haskins. 

Now, Washington obviously knows the hazards of such a move. Plus, it's sitting in the No. 15 spot of the draft, meaning it'd have to make a considerable and costly jump to get into the range of where the former Buckeye will likely be taken.


However, with Alex Smith's future in extreme doubt and not much promise behind him, it's clear the Burgundy and Gold could use an influx of talent at QB, particularly young and cheap talent. And if the front office wants to reinvigorate a fan base, making a splash and adding a potential stud — one who played high school ball in Potomac, Maryland, by the way — is the quickest way to do so.

Don't go and pre-order a Haskins Redskins jersey just yet. But now that he's committed to the NFL, you can officially start daydreaming about his arrival if you'd like to.