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Washington Football

Compared to when he first joined the Redskins, Dwayne Haskins is down at least 15 pounds. Right now, the second-year passer is pulling off the impossible: He's losing weight in this period of quarantining.

"With the regiment and the diet I've been on, it just started to fall off," Haskins told Redskins Nation's Larry Michael in a recent one-on-one chat. 

During a Zoom call with reporters earlier this month, Haskins explained that his body change will make him a more "dynamic player." And that's encouraging!

However, that benefit is coming at a cost.

A very, very steep cost.


Michael followed up with Haskins by asking him what, if any, foods he's had to give up over the past few months to help with his transformation. While Haskins sort of chuckled as he responded, the pain he's feeling deep down was still very evident.

"Double Stuf Oreos," he said. "I can't even have that anymore."

The saddest music you can think of should be playing in your head right now. It should be playing at a very melancholic volume, too.

Everything Haskins has done this offseason — from the workout videos to his improved demeanor during interviews — has demonstrated just how seriously he's taking his second season in the league.


Sacrificing Double Stuf Oreos, though? Just in case any doubters needed any additional proof, that's your proof right there. The guy is clearly as invested as ever.

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