Those hoping to see Dwayne Haskins throwing to Terry McLaurin in the NFL got their first chance to see it on Thursday night.

Those hoping to see Dwayne Haskins successfully throwing to Terry McLaurin in the NFL, though, probably didn't love the first attempt.

Because of a Case Keenum concussion, Haskins took over for the Redskins in the second half of their matchup with the Vikings. Following a Washington fourth down stop late in the third quarter, the offense took the field, looking to tie the game with a score.

That's when Haskins looked to McLaurin in the middle of the field, where the receiver had broken open. However, he simply threw it too high, and it ended as an interception:

It's a small, small sample size, but that was the rookie quarterback's fourth pick in his first 22 NFL passes. That's Nathan Peterman-ish. 

Haskins to McLaurin was a fantastic connection at Ohio State, and it has a real chance to be the same for the Redskins. Unfortunately, it got off to just about the worst start imaginable.