Washington Football

Washington Football

Do you want to hang out with Dwayne Haskins? Well, just become an incredibly accomplished and gifted pass catcher, and he'll probably end up giving you a call.

Over the past few months, Haskins has been filmed and photographed throwing with a slew of sick targets. From up-and-comers to current stars to even some all-time greats, the Redskins' second-year QB has put in work with a very impressive collection of players.

No need to take those first two paragraphs at their word, though. The below list is the real proof of Haskins' absurd offseason.

Terry McLaurin, Kelvin Harmon, Steven Sims

While Haskins' original plan of taking these three Redskins and a few other teammates to Florida for an informal camp were marred by the pandemic, he's still been getting after it with them plenty. Here's a l.a.s.e.r he delivered to Sims a few weeks ago: 

Antonio Brown

First, Haskins paired up with Brown in late May, and once that footage hit the Internet, Burgundy and Gold fans on Twitter lost their minds. Then, the two reunited this past weekend for a night session, which caused Burgundy and Gold fans on Twitter to re-lose their minds:

Even though Ron Rivera basically shut down any interest in Brown earlier this month, every clip of him grinding away with Haskins is going to catch fire on social media.



Stefon Diggs

Haskins and Diggs went to high schools 29 minutes apart (stats courtesy of Google Maps), so it's no surprise that they have a solid relationship and have gotten together multiple times in the spring and summer. 

Maybe one day, they'll wear the same uniform. Until then, everyone's going to fantasize about them maybe one day wearing the same uniform.

Chad Johnson, DeVante Parker

Also at that late May workout that featured Brown were these two ballers, one retired and one coming off his best season in the league. Diggs was actually there as well. It was practically a party.

Of that day in particular, Haskins said: "The biggest thing with those guys is just trying to be around the best, learning from the best, find ways to get better."

Do you think players who weren't invited to this one felt left out? Probably.


Terrell Owens

You might've heard of this Owens guy. He was decent back in the day. 

Jerry Jeudy

While Haskins' peer, Drew Lock, will have the pleasure of connecting with Jeudy in Denver for at least the next few years, Haskins had the chance to practice with the Broncos first-rounder recently in his own right.

Look at this missile Haskins threw to Jeudy in their time on the field. You're going to randomly feel the need to ice your arm afterwards:

JK Dobbins

Haskins and Dobbins overlapped at Ohio State, and now they're pros in the same state (Dobbins was a second-round selection of the Ravens in the 2020 draft).

Look at this dime Haskins threw to Dobbins in their time on the field:

Mecole Hardman

On Tuesday, Hardman shared an Instagram story of him riding alongside Haskins in the signal caller's car. 

Could they be going to Starbucks and then Bed Bath & Beyond for some mid-morning errands? Sure. But in all likelihood, Hardman will be just the latest stud to run routes for Haskins. And at the rate the 23-year-old is going, he won't be the last, either.

These workouts come at a time where players are not supposed to be organizing private sessions with each other amid the coronavirus pandemic. The NFLPA recently released a statement advising against such actions