Dwayne Haskins had the chance to meet legendary QB Tom Brady following the Redskins-Patriots clash a year ago, and the Washington passer cherished that moment so much he put a mural of them on his wall

Pictures of the design first surfaced on Twitter last week, and many wondered why Haskins decided to have a mural done capturing that moment. After all, the quarterbacks have over a 20-year age difference and went to rival universities.

In an interview with JP Finlay and the Redskins Talk podcast, Haskins' explained why he decided to have the mural made.

"Meeting Tom, him sharing the words he shared with me, being a fan of me despite being a TTUN (Michigan) alum, it's just something I had to put up on there, man," Haskins said. 

"I watched Tom a bunch of times going into my last year of college, studied him, how he operated as far as what he did his training, his regiment, how he talked to his receivers," he continued. "You have to respect him. That's why I put him on the wall like that."


The Redskins second-year QB explained that his mural collection expands a lot further than just his one with Brady. Haskins mentioned that he has one wall in his basement dedicated to his favorite rappers and actors. On another wall, he has a mural of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.


Additionally, he has a mural of the late Lakers great Kobe Bryant, as the Redskins passer trained at the Mamba Sports Academy in Los Angeles prior to being drafted in 2019.

"I've had significant moments in my life where I've wanted to document them, just put it on the wall so it feels real," Haskins said. "Important quotes, things like that."

While Haskins has several of his basement walls covered with people he admires, he had to save some wall space to document his own memories, too. The passer has one mural that gives him a constant reminder of arguably the best game of his college career, when he led Ohio State to a dominating upset victory over rival Michigan in 2018.

"I have a mural of me against TTUN (That Team Up North) my last game at the Horseshoe when we scored 62 points," Haskins said. "I had six touchdowns that game. Those are important moments in my life, so I had to put them on my wall."

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