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Dwayne Haskins is the Redskins' future, but the future might not be now

Dwayne Haskins is the Redskins' future, but the future might not be now

NEW YORK -- The Redskins drafted Dwayne Haskins 15th overall to answer their long-term questions at quarterback. He's big, strong and has a cannon of an arm. He's got immense potential. Immense. 

On Sunday, Haskins got his first NFL game action when Case Keenum got pulled in the first half of an ugly loss to the Giants. Keenum looked terrible and for a moment, Haskins gave Washington a jolt. He drove the team for what would be their only points of the day just before halftime, a field goal despite a 1st-and-Goal from the 1-yard-line. 

That drive was the only highlight for Haskins though. In the second half, Haskins' inexperience showed. He threw three interceptions, one of which got run back for a New York touchdown. 

Haskins' stat line looked ugly: 9 of 17 for 107 yards and 3 interceptions. Yep, that's ugly. 

For weeks, and really for months, Redskins offensive coaches have talked about the great QB Haskins can become, but also kept their feet grounded about the passer he is today. And to those coaches, it's a young man that is not ready for the NFL game. 

On Sunday, that showed. 

Now, there will be screaming and grandstanding suggesting that if Haskins gets all the work in practice he will deliver better results on the field. That could be true.

At the same time, however, the coaches could be right. Haskins just might not be ready. Three picks is three picks, and they came in only a half. 

What happens next will be a wild case study in Redskins politics. Gruden seems likely to explain that Haskins went in because Keenum was hurt, whether or not that's completely true. As bad as Haskins was, Keenum was worse. The QB change had to be made. Colt McCoy will enter into next week's decision though. Gruden could roll with McCoy, saying he's the veteran that gives the team the best chance to win, and that Haskins can stay in the backup role and let Keenum rest his foot. 

Or the team rolls with Haskins. 

Many will suggest that the genie is out of the bottle now, and the rookie needs to keep the gig. There are a few factors to consider, not the least of which is Sunday's performance, but beyond that too.

The Redskins offense is bad. The team cannot run the ball with any level of success, and there are injuries all over the field. Jordan Reed and Trent Williams are considered the team's best offensive players. Neither has played this year or is expected to play anytime soon. Derrius Guice had surgery three weeks ago. Terry McLaurin is dealing with a hamstring injury. Brandon Scherff and Chase Roullier missed the Giants game. 

When people talk about positions poised for success, is running that  Redskins offense really a position to succeed? Does putting Haskins out with that group really help him?

Of course, he could come out and prove to be a playmaker. That can happen; Haskins has that level of game. But with the 4-0 Patriots coming to town and the Redskins likely already out of the playoff race, is this the right spot for the rookie to get his first start? Barring a directive from ownership or team president Bruce Allen, that doesn't seem like a decision Gruden would make. 

"I don't care where you're drafted," Gruden said after the loss in New York. "[Haskins has] got to come in here and perform when he's asked to perform. If I feel like he'll give us the best chance to win versus New England, I'll put him in there.

Every week in the NFL serves as a mandate. 

Every week is a mandate on the head coach, and on the quarterback. There is no patience in the NFL, no room for context or conversation. 

The Redskins have started six different quarterbacks in their last 10 games. The team hasn't had a true franchise QB with any sort of prolonged run of success in more than 20 years. Probably longer. 

It's hard in the NFL to think long-term. Jay Gruden is coaching for his career, right now, and the sharks are circling in the water. There's discord between the coaching staff and the front office, and there is an owner beyond upset at the 0-4 start. 

Patience might not exist in the NFL, but between Haskins' performance in New York and the Redskins predicament heading into the Patriots game, Washington needs to find some capacity for self-restraint. 


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Josh Hart tries to recruit Stefon Diggs to Redskins amidst trade rumors

Josh Hart tries to recruit Stefon Diggs to Redskins amidst trade rumors

New Orleans Pelican Josh Hart tried to recruit Stefon Diggs in a twitter exchange Thursday surrounding Jordan Reed’s release from the Redskins.

Reed was released on Thursday after six seasons and seven years on the team.

In a tweet commemorating Reed’s accomplishments, the Redskins called him “one of the best in franchise history” and thanked him for his years on the team.

Redskins quarterback Dwayne Haskins showed his disappointment in Reed’s release by quoting the tweet with a crying emoji. Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs shared similar feelings by responding to the quote saying “not my dog j reed…”.

Diggs is a Maryland native but has been with the Vikings since he was drafted in the 2015 NFL Draft in the fifth round.

In response to this exchange, Hart chimed in and pleaded with him to “Come on home bro #HTTR”.  Hart, a D.C. native and long-time Redskins fan, is not the only one who has been looking to help the Redskins with their player recruitment.

Haskins has also made recruiting for the Redskins a habit this season, engaging with players like Ron Rivera and Antonio Brown through social media regarding coming to play in DC.

Hart's interaction with Diggs is particularly notable considering that his recent social media has left Vikings fans wondering what his next moves are. In addition to cryptic tweets potentially linked to his dissatisfaction with his team, Diggs also took down all of his Instagram pictures which feature him in a Vikings uniform.

Could Diggs be heading to the Redskins? If Hart has any say in the matter, maybe.

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Another NFL analyst says Redskins should not trade No. 2 pick unless a team blows their doors off

Another NFL analyst says Redskins should not trade No. 2 pick unless a team blows their doors off

Thus far during the 2020 offseason, several NFL experts have debated whether the Redskins should keep or trade the No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Some believe that Ohio State edge rusher Chase Young is a generational talent and the opportunity to select him is a no brainer. Others, like Peter King and Chris Simms, think the Redskins could significantly alter the trajectory of the franchise by trading the pick and acquiring assets.

Add NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah to those who think the Redskins should keep the pick and take Young, unless they get an offer they simply cannot refuse in return.

The analyst was asked during a pre-Scouting Combine conference call on Friday whether it would be a mistake for the Redskins to consider moving back from No. 2, and his response was strong.

"I just don't trade off of elite edge rushers," Jeremiah said. "You have a need there at the position, those guys are hard to find. So to get a player like that you would have to blow my doors off to get me to trade off that pick, if I was the Washington Redskins."

If the Redskins traded back, even a couple of spots, it's highly unlikely Young would still be on the board.

Jeremiah said the Redskins should not consider moving back past picks No. 5-7, and even if they were to pull the plug on a deal with one of the teams with those picks, they would need "multiple [first round picks] plus some Sugar."

Picks No. 3-5 in the draft currently belong to the Detroit Lions, New York Giants and Miami Dolphins, respectively. Jeremiah suspected that any team inquiring about trading up with the Redskins would be looking to take a quarterback.

Detroit has Matt Stafford at quarterback, an established signal-caller. Last week, rumors surfaced that they might explore trading him. Should that happen, Detroit could simply stay at No. 3 and take the QB of their choice. They wouldn't need to trade up with Washington.

Miami is in the quarterback market at No. 5 and may inquire with Washington to move up, especially if the Lions are considering moving on from Stafford. The Chargers at No. 6 and the Panthers at No. 7 are teams to keep an eye on as well.

But the Giants have pick No. 4 and their quarterback of the future is set in Daniel Jones. If Young is on the board when the Giants pick comes around, the Ohio State product is heading to the Big Apple. No questions about it. 

"You've got to get a lot to get out of there, because even if you get to five, you won't see Chase Young at that point in time," Jeremiah said.

Behind quarterback, pass rushers are arguably the most valuable position in the sport. The Redskins have the chance to take a generational talent at the position, and according to Jeremiah, should not look back unless they get an incredible offer in return.

"So you're trading off a premier player at the second most valuable position in the sport," Jeremiah said. "You're going to have to get a heck of a haul to do that."

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