Ryan Kerrigan is a very pleasant person to deal with — unless you're an offensive lineman trying to prevent Kerrigan from smashing into your quarterback. In those particular moments for those particular O-linemen, he's not very pleasant.

So, you can forgive Eagles' right tackle Lane Johnson for getting a bit salty when asked what it's like to face the Redskins' talented pass rusher, which he'll do again in Week 1.

"It sucks," Johnson told reporters in Philadelphia on Monday. 

Why does it suck, Lane?

"Just a guy that's relentless," he said. "He doesn't stop and that's the mentality I'm going against."

Johnson's assessment is accurate. Kerrigan has played in every one of the 128 games that have taken place in his career — that is a stat that many people know, sure, but it's really one everyone should know because it's super ridiculous — and since 2016, he's posted 11, 13 and 13 sacks.

No. 91 also has a habit of specifically tormenting NFC East opponents. According to NBC Sports Philadelphia's Dave Zangaro, Kerrigan has 11.5 QB takedowns in 16 games each against the Eagles, Giants and Cowboys.

"Anytime I go against him, you gotta be on your A-game," Johnson said. "In this league, you can't really slack, and if you do, you'll get exposed. As far as him, he's a class act, a fearless competitor and really the heartbeat of their team."


For the Burgundy and Gold to have a serious chance of upsetting the hosts in the opener, Kerrigan will have to be on his own A-game. It would also help if his new sidekick, Montez Sweat, gets off to a fast start and the super talented defensive line does work as well.

It was very nice of Johnson to be so complimentary of Kerrigan a few days before this division rivalry notches another installment. And, of course, the Redskins hope a similar scene to Monday's plays out again on Sunday afternoon, with Johnson standing in front of the media and explaining to them how much it sucked to deal with Ryan Kerrigan for another 60 minutes.