Washington Football

Washington Football

If you made it to this story, congratulations! It's a story about the Redskins, as opposed to a story about the Redskins name. Welcome. 

So, let's talk about some real football.

Well, actually, let's talk about some fantasy football that should also impact real football.

On Tuesday, a wide panel of ESPN's fantasy experts released their guide for 2020's sleepers, busts and breakout players. Among those on the panel was Matthew Berry, who's an expert among experts. And for his sleeper selection, Berry tabbed Redskins third-rounder Antonio Gibson. 

Here's why Berry made that choice:

Before you call me a homer, hear me out. Washington lacks any reliable playmakers outside of Terry McLaurin, and Gibson is a versatile offensive weapon (last season he was the only FBS player to have more than 700 receiving yards and more than 300 rushing yards). Yes, it was a limited sample, but Gibson averaged more than 14 yards per offensive touch. Coach Ron Rivera recently said Gibson has "a skill set like Christian McCaffrey." Not saying he will be CMC or even used as much as him, but OC Scott Turner knows he will have to be creative on offense, and Gibson's versatility will allow him to create mismatches all over the field. 



That paragraph should have you excited by Gibson's prospects for the virtual team you'll spend $50 on to enter in your league that you'll then swear to never play in again after you finish 3-10, but more importantly, it should have you excited about Gibson's prospects for your favorite NFL team.

Yes, there is some real concern for how the limited offseason and preseason could affect the Redskins rookies, and especially Gibson. Turner and Ron Rivera have stated that they want to employ him in multiple ways, but how will he handle that workload early on when he hasn't had much coaching and is coming into the league raw in some key aspects, too?


However, as Berry wrote, perhaps that's overthinking it.

The staff that's now in place in Washington is bringing an offense up from Carolina that prominently featured running backs. Of course, Gibson isn't anywhere near McCaffrey, but that doesn't mean Turner is going to just bail on his calling card. Gibson will get his looks.

If his looks from college are any indication, then they should result in plenty of yards and points as a pro.

So, as fun as it is to daydream about Chase Young tossing Lane Johnson and other tackles around this year, don't overlook Gibson. Berry certainly isn't, meaning you probably shouldn't, either.

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