You can hear JP Finlay's entire interview with Urban Meyer on the upcoming episode of the Redskins Talk Pod. 

Chase Young is a monster on the football field, and everyone knows it. He knows it, his past and future opponents know it, NFL scouts and coaches and GMs know it, fans know it and you know it.

Urban Meyer, who coached Young at Ohio State, knows it as well. But Meyer is just as impressed by Young's mental makeup as he is by Young's skill set, and he spoke about that lesser-known side with NBC Sports Washington this past week.

"We have criteria," Meyer told JP Finlay, referring to how he'd evaluate players based on things like competitive spirit, leadership and adaptability. "He's got 'em all."

The coach liked to grade guys on a 1-5 scale in five critical areas including the ones above, with five representing the top. Young's score? A 25 out of 25.

Of course, Meyer was happy to discuss Young's physical tools, too, during his time with Finlay (their whole chat will be featured in the next episode of the Redskins Talk podcast, which'll come out this Sunday). The 55-year-old has been around a lot of stars in his life, but few compare to the pass rusher.

“God put together that guy," Meyer explained. "He said, ‘I’m going to make one of the best defensive ends to ever play college football.' I think he’s going to carry on in the NFL. He’s got it all.”



In just a few days, Young's NFL career will finally begin, and it certainly appears like it'll begin in Burgundy and Gold.

The possibility of Washington trading down still exists, sure, but the rumors aren't flying like originally expected. Plus, who knows if Ron Rivera and the Redskins even really have an interest in doing a deal? Their board may just have Young's name circled, bolded and underlined, and they may already have their selection prepared.

While Meyer was overwhelmingly positive about Young's future, he did caution against one thing. If Young does become a Redskin, he'll be returning to his home. That sounds like a positive on the surface, but not all that comes along with it will be good, especially for someone of Young's stature.

"Boy, he’s going to have to be disciplined. He’s going to have to be really focused on the Washington Redskins, his teammates, his family," Meyer told Finlay and Redskins Talk. "He’ll be pulled in every possible direction.” 

Fortunately, Meyer believes Young is a "wonderful guy from a wonderful family," which should help him in that transition.

Overall, much of Young's success at the next level will rely on how often he beats opposing tackles and how many turovers he forces. However, his mindset will matter as well.

After all, plenty of talented prospects have failed as pros because they didn't have the mentality to make it, and plenty more will. According to Meyer, though, Young won't be one of them.