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Fantasy Football TE Rankings 2019: Week 10

Fantasy Football TE Rankings 2019: Week 10

The tight end position is already slim and with six teams on a bye, options could be limited.

Week 9 is in the books and rosters are beginning to take shape. Here are the top tight ends for Week 9.

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Tight End Rankings: Week 10

TIER 1: Best of the best

1. George Kittle, San Francisco 49ers  
Opponent: vs. Seahawks
2019 Stats: 46 Receptions, 541 Receiving YDS, 2 Receiving TD, 113.9 PTS, 2019 TE4
Previous Ranking: 1

2. Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs  
Opponent: at Titans
2019 Stats: 49 Receptions, 666 Receiving YDS, 2 Receiving TD, 127.6 PTS, 2019 TE2
Previous Ranking: 2

TIER 2: High-end TE1's

3. Darren Waller, Oakland Raiders
Opponent: vs. Chargers
2019 Stats: 48 Receptions, 548 Receiving YDS, 3 Receiving TD, 121.5 PTS, 2019 TE3
Previous Ranking: 3

4. Evan Engram, New York Giants  
Opponent: at Jets
2019 Stats: 44 Receptions, 467 Receiving YDS, 3 Receiving TD, 109.4 PTS, 2019 TE6
Previous Ranking: 4
5. Austin Hooper, Atlanta Falcons  
Opponent: at Saints
2019 Stats: 52 Receptions, 591 Receiving YDS, 5 Receiving TD, 143.1 PTS, 2019 TE1
Previous Ranking: BYE

6. Hunter Henry, Los Angeles Chargers  
Opponent: at Raiders
2019 Stats: 29 Receptions, 388 Receiving YDS, 2 Receiving TD, 79.8 PTS, 2019 TE9
Previous Ranking: 6

7. Vance McDonald, Pittsburgh Steelers
Opponent: vs. Rams
2019 Stats: 22 Receptions, 176 Receiving YDS, 3 Receiving TD, 57.6 PTS, 2019 TE20
Previous Ranking: 7

8. Mark Andrews, Baltimore Ravens  
Opponent: at Bengals
2019 Stats: 38 Receptions, 470 Receiving YDS, 3 Receiving TD, 101 PTS, 2019 TE7
Previous Ranking: 8

TIER 3: Low-end TE1's 

9. Jack Doyle, Indianapolis Colts 
Opponent: vs. Dolphins
2019 Stats: 24 Receptions, 232 Receiving YDS, 2 Receiving TD, 60.8 PTS, 2019 TE18
Previous Ranking: 9

10. Jared Cook, New Orleans Saints
Opponent: vs. Falcons
2019 Stats: 15 Receptions, 168 Receiving YDS, 2 Receiving TD, 43.8 PTS, 2019 TE30
Previous Ranking: BYE

11. Dawson Knox, Buffalo Bills
Opponent: at Browns
Previous Ranking: 11

12. Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers
Opponent: at Packers
Previous Ranking: 12

TIER 4: High-end TE2s 

13. Jimmy Graham, Green Bay Packers 
Opponent: vs. Panthers
Previous Ranking: 13

14.  O.J. Howard, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Opponent: vs. Cardinals
Previous Ranking: 14

15. T.J. Hockenson, Detroit Lions  
Opponent: at Bears
Previous Ranking: 15  

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Here are three things to look for from Derrius Guice in his return from injured reserve

Here are three things to look for from Derrius Guice in his return from injured reserve

Dwayne Haskins isn't the only young and important Redskin making his FedExField debut this Sunday against the Jets.

Derrius Guice, who was activated off of injured reserve last week, will be appearing in front of Washington's fans for the first time as well. His three previous times on an NFL field came in New England, Atlanta and Philadelphia. 

Now, it's difficult to come up with expectations for Guice versus New York, considering it's unknown how he'll split time with Adrian Peterson and how much responsibility the coaching staff wants to give him in his first action since Week 1.

However, while setting specific numbers is a bit foolish, it's definitely worth asking: What kinds of things should the Redskins and their fans want to see from Guice on Sunday?

This list of three things feels like a fair place to start.

1) Finishing the afternoon healthy

This is the most simple and also the most critical thing Guice can do in Week 11.

The second-year pro has suited up for two preseason contests and one regular season affair. In the first of those three, he tore his ACL. In the third of those three, he tore his meniscus.

At this point, there are questions as to whether Guice can be relied upon in the Burgundy and Gold's future, or whether he's too injury-prone. Those questions aren't going to be completely answered by one healthy showing, but they will fade away with each performance he starts and finishes.

2) Delivering blows to defenders

Haskins and Guice haven't been around each other a ton, but the quarterback already has a feel for what the running back can offer the offense.

"Very tough runner," Haskins said of Guice on Wednesday. "He's hard to bring down with the first tackle."

In Guice's albeit limited reps carrying the ball for the Redskins, he has displayed a willingness to take on defenders and initiate contact. There may only be a few chances to look for that in the Jets matchup because of Peterson's presence and a potential light workload, but still, there will be chances.

If Guice is willing to dish out punishment, even coming off his second knee surgery in the league, that means he's feeling like himself. And if he's feeling like himself, his opponents will be feeling like not tackling him.

3) Contributing in the passing game

One area where Guice might be able to operate without losing time to Peterson is in the passing attack. Jay Gruden was always high on what No. 29 can do there, and while Gruden and Bill Callahan have coached the Redskins quite differently, they intersect on that point.

"Prior to his injury, he was doing really well in the passing game," Callahan said Wednesday. "Being able to flex him out, move him, motion him, shift him into those various alignments where we can create a matchup with it. He's been productive as a screen back, a check-down back."

Pay attention to whether Guice is moved around in the ways Callahan mentioned, which would be a nice, creative addition to the offense. Also see if he's able to generate a chunk play or two off of a screen or check-down. 

Peterson is a legend, obviously, but if he's not getting handoffs, he's not doing much. Guice, meanwhile, per his coaches, can be effective as a receiver as well as a runner, a skillset that'll hopefully reveal itself soon.


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Redskins Charitable Foundation donates over 2,500 food baskets at annual Harvest Feast

Redskins Charitable Foundation donates over 2,500 food baskets at annual Harvest Feast

The combination of frigid temperatures and the Redskins' scheduled off-day did not stop a few members of the Burgundy and Gold from giving back to the local Prince George's County community on Tuesday.

Linebacker Jon Bostic and offensive lineman Tony Bergstrom highlighted a handful of Washington players who participated in the Redskins Charitable Foundation's 17th annual Harvest Feast, an event designed to give back to the local community around Thanksgiving time.

Bostic and Bergstrom helped lead an effort with over 200 volunteers to put together 2,500 Thanksgiving food baskets that will be distributed to Prince George's County families in need on the holiday. Baskets include full turkeys and several side dishes for these families to get the full Thanksgiving experience.

As to why he chose to spend his little free time helping in the community, Bergstrom's answer was easy.

"This time of year, it’s all about giving thanks and being grateful," Bergstrom said. "We’re so grateful for a community that’s supported us through everything. So coming here and being able to be a part of their Thanksgiving, it’s awesome. Anything you can do to help."

In just a few hours, over 90,000 pounds of food and 30,000 pounds of turkey were packaged and ready to be sent out to those families.

Seeing young children volunteer at the event really stuck with Bostic, and that was one of the main reasons he wanted to give back.

"You see kids out here, I’ve been in places just like them," Bostic said. "Now, where I’m at, anytime I can help somebody else get to where I’m at, or give them some type of encouragement, I’m always up for that."

Both Bergstrom and Bostic have fond memories from Thanksgiving growing up and want families in their local community to experience something similar to what made their Thanksgivings so special.

“Every Thanksgiving, we’d go to my grandmother’s house and our whole family would be there," Bostic said. "You had people coming from all over, so I know how much I cherish family. So to be able to help them, get the family together, sit down and watch football, have a good time and enjoy each other, what more could you ask for?”

“Oh, man, it’s awesome. Football and Thanksgiving go together," Bergstrom said. "I grew up in Utah, but I was a Lions fan because of Thanksgiving. I probably couldn’t tell you a single guy on their team before that. Just being able to be a part of [these families] Thanksgiving is awesome. We’re making some Redskins fans for life.”

Several of the volunteers posed for pictures with the players and continuously thanked both Bostic and Bergstrom for coming out and giving back.

"Anytime you can put a smile on somebody’s face and better their day, that’s what we do it for," Bostic said.