The Redskins play the Dolphins on Sunday, and while fans might think that things have hit the ultimate low point in Washington, imagine what happens with a loss in Miami. 

There has been major upheaval for the Redskins this week, starting with the firing of head coach Jay Gruden. Interim coach Bill Callahan will take over, and he's installed Kevin O'Connell as the offense's playcaller. 

And despite all of that on Wednesday the team must get back on the practice field and prepare for the Dolphins. The hardest part for the Redskins might be trying to get back to normal. 

Both teams are bad, Miami is 0-4 and Washington is 0-5. The Redskins defense is giving up more than 30 points-per-game. The Dolphins defense is giving up more than 40 points-per-game. Miami has an unsettled quarterback situation with veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick and second-year pro Josh Rosen both starting games this season. Neither has been particularly good. Washington has an unsettled quarterback situation with veterans Case Keenum and Colt McCoy and rookie Dwayne Haskins all playing this season. None have been particularly good. 

There is, or at least was, a prevailing notion that the Redskins should definitely get a win in South Florida. With a new head coach and no clear answer at QB, that seems preposterous. 

For new coach Callahan, he's not looking past the Dolphins.

"There's really no magic formula to make this thing turn," Callahan said Miami. "So, we're working on it day-by-day, week-by-week, just focus on what we need to do, and that's getting prepared for Miami."


Callahan made clear he wants the Redskins to run the ball more, but that will require running it better too. Miami could be the right team to fix the Redskins run game. 

"I envision ourselves as a running team. I'd like to get our run game going," the coach said. "I think that's important because everything else is complementary off it – the run-action, passes and protections off of it complement your running game."

The Dolphins are giving up 175 rush yards-per-game, worst in the NFL. Opposing offenses are gaining nearly 5 yards-per-carry against Miami. If the Redskins can't run against Miami, and so far the Redskins can't run against anybody, then Washington just might not be able to run at all. 

The Redskins need a win desperately, and this is there absolute best chance to get it. Callahan wants to run, and Miami can be run on. Things better break right in South Beach, or the decision to fire Gruden might not look so great a week later.