The NFL Draft's first round took over the country on Thursday night, and while it was a little blurrier than normal, it still delivered.

Now, the attention turns to Friday evening, where the second and third rounds will go down. 

Before 64 more guys find out where their pro careers will first begin, though, let's make five bold predictions about what'll happen.

If these hit, terrific. And if they don't, well, they were bold, therefore providing a built-in excuse.

1) The Redskins will make a trade... down

Washington's next pick is currently slated to come at No. 66. However, they're instead going to move from that spot — just not in the direction most would assume.

Because the Burgundy and Gold don't have a second-round selection, some think they'll do their best to find their way into the fun up there. After all, Ron Rivera has called the lack of second rounder a "burden," and no one likes burdens.

However, if they can't achieve that, surely they'll remain at 66, right? They were really awful in 2019 and obviously need as much fresh talent as possible. 

Wrong. They'll see when their turn is approaching that lots of prospects they're keen on are falling in their direction, which'll motivate Rivera to trade back and give himself more chances at finding contributors. They were right not to do that with Chase Young, but now, collecting more Friday night capital will become the objective.


2) Jalen Hurts becomes a Patriot

Bill Belichick has five Day 2 picks, amassing them like they're hoodies. Look for him to use one on a QB who plays a very different style of football than his previous one.

Yes, the Pats have backed Jarrett Stidham since moving on from Tom Brady, but this is an organization built on competition. By adding Hurts, New England will ensure it has two options to look at in the race to replace Brady.

Best case, Hurts wins that race, and worst case, Belichick finds creative ways to get him involved on offense. 


3) Grant Delpit isn't picked in the second round

The LSU safety followed up a standout 2018 college season, where he looked like an emerging stud, with a less-than-stellar 2019.

Well, the disappointment will continue for him Friday, as he'll slide into Round 3.

Alabama's Xavier McKinney and Southern Illinois' Jeremy Chinn are also still available at the position, and those two DBs will go before Delpit. A run on receivers and defensive linemen won't help, either, and eventually, a guy with plenty of skill but also frustrating tackling issues will tumble into the later portions of the night. 

4) The Chiefs go offense, again

The Super Bowl champs took LSU running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire to close things out on Thursday, and the defensive coordinators on their 2020 opponents already started to lose sleep thanks to that move. Andy Reid compares the ex-Tiger to his old weapon, Brian Westbrook, and will plug him in on an already loaded offense.

Then, Reid will load that offense up even more when the Chiefs are up again at No. 63.

Conventional wisdom says that enough is enough, and the AFC power should now address their defense. Reid, though — wearer of Hawaiian shirts and drafter of Patrick Mahomes — is anything but conventional. Watch him find someone else to get the ball to this year.

5) The tech issues will start popping up

The first round came and went without any major technical glitches, which was somewhat of a surprise considering the reports of how poorly the practice runs had been going.

That just means Friday is going to be extra wacky. There's simply no way they can replicate the smoothness.

With double the amount of picks, more avenues to trade and decisions that won't be as easy as they were on Thursday coming, someone's going to trip over a wire or accidentally quit an important application when they're on the clock. And it'll be both relatable and glorious.