Every game on the Redskins' 2019 schedule is equally important, but not all of them are equally interesting.

Redskins vs. Bills in Week 9 for example? Sure, it's going to matter for Washington as they look to make the playoffs for the first time since 2015. But no one's wasting any ink circling that one on their calendars (unless you're a fan of breaking furniture, and if that's the case, circle away).

There are some very intriguing matchups on the 'Skins slate this season, though. These five stand out in particular.

Week 3 vs. the Bears (Monday Night Football)

If the Redskins' schedule was a golf course, it'd be one where the opening stretch was littered with endless, difficult Par 4s, lots of water and no catch-your-breath holes.

Washington certainly doesn't get to ease into the season, and they may very well need to turn around their struggles in Monday night home games (struggles that have seemingly lasted for roughly 200 years) against the Bears in order to stay relevant early.

Whoever their starting QB is at this point will face a loaded Bears defense led by Khalil Mack, while the Burgundy and Gold defense will have to bottle up Tarik Cohen. This could be an uplifting victory — or a loss that triggers lots of questions.

Week 5 vs. the Patriots 

Jot this one down as a loss, right? Sure. Probably.


But maybe not.

New England does tend to have issues pre-November. The Redskins, meanwhile, boast a stacked defensive line, which is paramount when trying to limit Tom Brady.

It's not going to be easy. It likely won't happen. But this is the NFL, a league where Nick Foles wins Super Bowls and Jason Garrett somehow holds onto a job for eight-plus campaigns. Don't assume anything.

Week 8 at the Vikings

It's the Redskins' first trip to US Bank Stadium!

Just kidding. You know why this one matters. Moving on.

Week 14 at the Packers

Lambeau Field late in the year is always interesting because there could be four feet of snow and the temperature might be 20 below zero.

Not only that — this contest could have NFC Wild Card implications.

Not only that — Aaron Rodgers might have alienated his new head coach already.

Not only that — Preston Smith will have a chance to go up against the likes of Trent Williams and Adrian Peterson.

There's a lot to look at here. Hopefully Washington is still in contention. 

Week 15 vs. the Eagles

Because of what happened in the 2018 finale, there'll be a lot of attention on what the crowd looks like at FedEx Field for this NFC East affair. This will also mark the start of three straight divisional games to close out the regular season.

Josh Rosen and the Redskins could be looking to guarantee a spot in January. Or, (random free agent passer) and the Redskins could be 4-9 and trying not to get Jay Gruden fired. 

It's hard to imagine what'll be going on at this point in the schedule. But it's a point of the schedule you'll absolutely need to see, just like the other four points in this blog.