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Five observations from Redskins' dreadful loss to Falcons

Five observations from Redskins' dreadful loss to Falcons

The Redskins came into Week 9 with an opportunity to prove to the NFL they belonged in the serious contender discussion. They failed in that quest in a 38-14 loss at home on Sunday.

Washington got behind early, and never got close to catching up. The Falcons offense did what they want, when they wanted it, so much that Atlanta did not punt until halfway through the third quarter. 

There are plenty of observations, but watch your eyes, most are ugly.

1. Run Away: 

Coming into Week 9, the Redskins run defense looked like arguably the most dominant group in the NFL. Washington controlled Christian McCaffrey, Ezekiel Elliott and Saquon Barkley in three consecutive weeks, and surely the low-production Falcons run game would not get right against the Redskins. Think again.

Atlanta ran for more than 100 yards by the third quarter before finishing the game with 154 yards on the ground. For much of the game the Falcons averaged more than 7 yards-per-carry. Nothing set the tone for this blowout quite like Atlanta’s ability to run the ball on the Redskins.

2. Hard to Believe:

Good defenses win by forcing the opposing offense off the field. That means stops on third downs, and Washington didn’t do it on Sunday. The Falcons converted every third down they attempted in the first half. All of them. Atlanta didn’t punt until midway through the third quarter.

For a team with a limited offense like the Redskins, controlling time of possession is important, and it didn’t happen at FedEx Field. 

3. Struggle is Real: 

The Redskins offense again produced disappointing results. The final stats will show that Alex Smith had his highest passing total of the season, but the yards were hollow and ineffective, much coming late in a blowout.

The Redskins need to pass better, catch better and block better. At best, the pass game can be described as a work in progress. At best. 

4. Struggle is real Vol. 2:

The path to wins for the Redskins so far in 2018 is running the ball and playing good defense. Against Atlanta, they did neither.

The defensive struggles are well documented above, but it’s time to discuss the Washington run game. Adrian Peterson had his lowest run total since an embarrassing loss in New Orleans in Week 3. Peterson finished with nine carries for 17 yards, just one week after going for nearly 150 yards in New York. 

5. Struggle is real Vol. 3:

The NFL isn’t an excuse business, but it needs to be pointed out that the Redskins offensive line was banged up on Sunday.

Trent Williams was on the inactive list after thumb surgery earlier in the week, and Ty Nsekhe started in his place. During the game, both starting guards Shawn Lauvao and Brandon Scherff got hurt, forcing Nsekhe inside to guard and bringing Tony Bergstrom and rookie Geron Christian onto the field. It was ugly, and the results were ugly too. 


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NFL, EA Sports agree to six year extension of Madden video game franchise

NFL, EA Sports agree to six year extension of Madden video game franchise

The Madden franchise will continue to be a part of the gaming universe for at least the next six years.

NFL owners on Thursday approved an extension of their deal with Electronic Arts, continuing a relationship that has existed for 30 years. It was also recently approved by the NFL Players Association.

The current contract was set to expire after the 2021 season. The extension means that EA Sports will continue to be the league's exclusive publisher of football simulation games through 2026.

EA Sports Executive Vice President Cam Weber said both sides had been talking for months. Many wondered what the future of the relationship might be after 2K Sports signed an agreement with the NFL in March to produce non-simulation games.

The current edition of Madden has seen a 30% increase in unique players. According to Electronic Arts, more than 330 million hours of the game have been played since it was released last August. The company has also seen large increases in gameplay during the past couple of months as people have been confined to their homes because of the coronavirus pandemic, with many tournaments taking place among friends and on television.


Rachel Hoagland, the league's vice president and head of gaming and esports, said keeping the Madden franchise at the core of their video gaming strategy was important, especially with the emergence of new platforms and gaming systems. Sony and Microsoft have announced new generations of gaming consoles that are expected to debut by the end of the year.

"EA has done a nice job of ensuring the game matches the experience during a game week. The new technology will allow richer content and add more realism," she said.

Madden NFL 21 will come out in early August with the first looks at the game coming next week. 

Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes was last year's cover athlete. Baltimore quarterback and reigning league MVP Lamar Jackson said in April that he would be on the cover this year, but EA Sports has not made an announcement.

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EVER WONDER: How John Madden helped turn Ron Rivera into Riverboat Ron

EVER WONDER: How John Madden helped turn Ron Rivera into Riverboat Ron

John Madden’s influence on professional football can hardly be measured. He won a Super Bowl with the Raiders in 1977 but for multiple generations he’s the name behind perhaps the most influential sports video game in the world.

For Redskins fans, however, Madden might mean something way more important.

After two decades of struggles and a disastrous 3-13 campaign in 2019, the Redskins hired Ron Rivera in January. The former Panthers coach has one of the best reputations in the NFL, and a helluva nickname in Riverboat Ron. 

The nickname has quite a backstory (see the video above) but it's not without merit. When Rivera first took over as head coach with the Panthers, his teams fought hard, but often came up short. 


After meeting with Madden and reviewing game tape, Rivera decided to press the gas. The story is pretty incredible. 

"It was 4th and 1 and we kicked a field goal, he said. And I said it put us up by six. But then they came down, scored a touchdown. kicked the extra point and beat us what could you have done differently? He says, Well, I could have gone for it on fourth down. He said absolutely! So you’ve played enough football, you’ve got a good football team. Go with your gut instinct. I said, well, I was just going going by the book. He looked at me, said Ron, what book? So there’s a whole book about baking those types of decisions, those decisions are made by guys that have experience and understand the
game. The guys played the game because of coached the game just like you have. Use your gut experience. Use your intuition. You have enough of it. You know how to do it. And so I’ve kind of kept that mentality going into my third season and got into a couple of fourth down situations and said, you know what, if we can do it here, man, we can keep it rolling. And essentially, because when I did it for the first time with our offense and we converted, they came to the sideline and a bunch of em said man, thanks for believing in us, coach. And the realization that, OK, I got it. I got it."

As his profile grew across the NFL during his tenure with the Panthers, Rivera’s charitable work gained more and more coverage. That’s when the Riverboat Ron nickname came to matter most, and the best part was Rivera's daughter came up with the idea. 

"Everything that we do with this, we do it for charity with the proceeds going to a specific charity, whether it be the USO, the Veterans Bridge homes in Charlotte, the Humane Society or the Ronald McDonald House. We really try to take care of it, but we also try to use it for it for for good."

At multiple points this offseason the new Redskins boss has talked about how he’s better prepared to build his team, his staff and his organization the second time around. Much of his success the first time around came after meeting with Madden, and learning to be more aggressive when the situation calls for it.

The second time around?

Rivera is already Riverboat Ron.

Who knows what happens next. 

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