The Redskins' offense played well, but the defense had no answer for a red-hot Case Keenum.

The end result was a 38-30 loss to the Vikings in Week 10.

Here are five takeaways from the unanticipated loss.

A Hot Hand:

Case Keenum obviously got the word that Teddy Bridgewater is back.

Apparently the journeyman wants to hang on to his starting job. It will be tough to replace him if he has more games with four touchdown passes and over 300 yards. The Redskins started to get to him in the fourth quarter with two interceptions but they just couldn’t get enough pressure to rattle him.

A week after the Redskins’ pass rush chased Russell Wilson all over the CenturyLink Field turf, they rarely made Keenum break a sweat.

Inconsistency, Thy Name is the Redskins:

Why have the Redskins be around .500 for the last two and a half year?

It’s because they can’t string together many winning efforts in a row. After catching the eye of the league last week, they are back to being that same old Redskins team. D.J. Swearinger talked about the team not having a good practice on Friday.

Why can’t a group of professionals get that done consistently? The Redskins will continue to bounce up and down and hang around .500 until details like this get nailed down.

Cousins Had Another One of Those Games:

You can’t really blame Kirk Cousins for the loss and the offense did put up 30 points (although seven were the result of an interception returned to the two yard line).


But he really didn’t do enough to lift the team to a win.

He’s had a few games like this (both Eagles games and the Cowboys game come to mind) where he wasn’t bad but not good enough to give his team a boost when the game still was winnable.

It Was Good to Have the Starting O-line Back:

But they didn’t seem to be 100 percent, which perhaps was to be expected.

They didn’t get beaten for a sack until late in the game but the running game sputtered (81 yards, shy of the 90 they usually need to win). They should be better next week, assuming that they can recover physically after playing a full game for the first time in a few weeks.

Maurice Harris a Bright Spot:

He was promoted from the practice squad on Saturday, his 25th birthday.

Today he celebrated it with a circus catch for a touchdown the first time he was thrown the ball.

He grabbed the ball with one arm while lunging towards the goal line.

What made it different from the one-handed catches you see multiple times every Saturday and Sunday was that the arm with which he caught the ball caught most of the force of him landing on the ground. Apparently the referee right there couldn’t believe it because he called it incomplete but Jay Gruden successfully challenged the call.

Harris can play all three receiver positions so he can be a valuable member of the unit. Especially if he can make plays like that TD.


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