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Five things to know about Redskins first round pick Dwayne Haskins

Five things to know about Redskins first round pick Dwayne Haskins

With the No. 15 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Redskins selected Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins. Linked together in rumors throughout the past few months, the scenario played out perfectly for the two to come together.

While we don't know what his future in the burgundy and gold holds, here's what we do already know about the first-round pick.

He's coming back to the DMV

After spending a few years in the midwest, Haskins is returning to the place where his football career took off. Playing out his high school career at Bullis School in Potomac, Maryland, he'll now get to begin his NFL career pretty close to home.

He can flat out sling it

Obviously, you're going to want to know the stats, and they're pretty darn impressive. In his one full season as the quarterback at Ohio State, Haskins threw for 4,831 yards and 50 touchdowns, putting together an all-time single-season performance. Throughout the year, he showed his ability to launch the ball downfield and stay poised in the pocket. 

He's in rare company

Ohio State has produced a lot of quarterbacks, but not many have gone in the first round. In fact, only two in the entire history of the program have been selected in the first round prior to Haskins (Don Scott, 1941 and Art Schlichter, 1982). 

He'll try and break the mold

Sticking with the theme of Buckeye quarterback's, Haskins will look to change the trend that recent ones have experienced. Despite the recent collegiate success of players such as Cardale Jones, Braxton Miller, J.T. Barrett, Terell Pryor, Troy Smith and others, Ohio State passers have not had much luck in the NFL. You'd be hard pressed to find the last Buckeye passer to have a dominant career in the NFL. Haskins has a chance to fix that.

He majored in journalism

Haskins was a two-time Academic All-Big Ten honoree during his time on campus while majoring in journalism. If the whole quarterback thing doesn't work out, maybe he can come and steal my job.


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Urban Meyer attended the Redskins-Eagles game as Terry McLaurin’s guest, according to McLaurin

Urban Meyer attended the Redskins-Eagles game as Terry McLaurin’s guest, according to McLaurin

The Urban-Meyer-to-the-Redskins movement picked up a lot of momentum Sunday when Meyer showed up at FedEx Field for the team’s Week 15 matchup against the Eagles.  

Was Meyer there on behalf of Dan Snyder? Did his presence mean that he’s possibly considering coaching Washington? WAS HE GOING TO SIGN A CONTRACT AND ASSUME THE POSITION AT HALFTIME?

All of those theories were flying on social media, but afterward, Terry McLaurin offered an explanation that cooled them off a bit. According to the receiver, Meyer was at the contest to support McLaurin and Dwayne Haskins. 

“He was my guest,” McLaurin said. “It was good to see him again, good to talk to him, surpasses football. Has nothing to do with his coaching status.” 

Meyer was apparently in Philadelphia on Saturday for the Army-Navy rivalry and made the trip to Landover on Sunday to see the Ohio State stars battle the Eagles. He was spotted in the owner’s box throughout the game: 

At one point, he was also shown catching up with Alex Smith, who played under Meyer at Utah. 

When informed that Meyer was in attendance, Haskins told the media he had no idea before smiling at the fact. Both he and McLaurin just so happened to post the best performances in their respective pro careers on Sunday against Philly. 

So, it sounds as if McLaurin was the main reason for Meyer’s trip to FedEx Field, and not the fact that the Burgundy and Gold will likely need a new head coach in just a few weeks. However, no one should be surprised if Snyder or Smith or another official discussed the job with Meyer while he was there. 

The Redskins haven’t had much to advertise when it comes to on-field production, but if they were hoping to convince someone to take over the team, Sunday was the day to make the sales pitch. Perhaps, Meyer left the stadium feeling impressed by what he saw. 


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Bettors everywhere are cursing the Redskins after final play

Bettors everywhere are cursing the Redskins after final play

With the Redskins trying to pull of a last-second miracle while trailing the Eagles 31-27, it seemed likely that the game would end with Washington losing. While it was a hard-fought game with plenty of positives, a loss was still going to be a loss for the team.

But, the loss wasn't going to be a loss for everybody, specifically those who had bet on the Redskins. Washington was favored anywhere from +5.5 to +7 on Sunday, meaning those who took them only needed them to lose by less than that amount to come out correct. When only a few seconds remained and the Redskins trailing by just four, that seemed like a lock, right?


In what may go down as one of the worst bad beats in recent memory, the final play of the game resulted in a strip-sack of Haskins and was returned for a touchdown. In the blink of an eye, it went from 31-27 to 37-27. That score meant nothing to the result on the field, but meant everything for those who took the Redskins.

Just like that, the cover was gone. It was one of those moments that felt like it was happening in slow motion. One of those "scream at your TV trying to make it stop" moments. For anyone who was rooting for the Redskins and maybe bet on them, the final minute of Sunday's game was pure torture.