James Bradberry and Tre Boston are two soon-to-be free agents who have ties to Ron Rivera and who'll be sought after when the market opens in a few weeks. But you knew that already, because you've read about them on and you're a well-informed fan.

There are plenty of other guys who are about to become available, though, who also have played under the Redskins' new coach in the recent past and whom Washington could choose to round out their roster after the initial wave of major signings.

Here's a list of four of those options. They won't generate the level of excitement that someone like Bradberry would, sure, but not every place on the depth chart can be filled by a Bradberry-type name. So, keep these players in mind as well.

Kyle Allen

Rivera clearly wants to bring in competition for Dwayne Haskins, and while there's an outside chance he could do that through the draft, the more plausible route is to do so via free agency. 

Now, would Allen be the caliber of guy the coach wants to push Haskins? That much is debatable. He faded big-time last season after a promising beginning as Cam Newton's replacement and finished with a passer rating of 80 (Haskins, for comparison, posted a 76.1 rating).

However, if the Redskins can't convince a Marcus Mariota-type option to sign, Allen would at least be a sensible backup and represent some measure of pressure on Haskins. Overall, he'll be familar with Scott Turner's system and shouldn't cost too much. If Carolina doesn't decide to tender him — he's their exclusive rights free agent — Washington could very well be his next home.


Ross Cockrell

Cockrell will be 29 when 2020 begins and is coming off a campaign where he played in 14 games for the Panthers. The corner, who was known in Carolina as "Pro" because of his approach and reliability, had two picks last year after missing all of 2018 with a leg injury.

The Redskins clearly need help in the secondary, and they appear poised to make a run at Bradberry. Cockrell, on the other hand, would be more of a depth addition, but one still worth making. He's been in the league since 2014, so he's got plenty of experience.

Daryl Williams

On the surface, Williams seems like a very attractive name for the Redskins. He'll be just 28 in Week 1, started at three different O-line spots last year (including four at left tackle, a place the Burgundy and Gold may soon have a large vacancy at) and was a 2017 second-team All-Pro at right tackle.

Unfortunately, he has some issues as well. Knee surgery cut his 2018 season to just one contest and he hasn't reached his 2017 form since. 

So, if the Redskins want to replace their own Williams, they'd probably hope to find a more reliable lineman than the Panthers' Williams. That said, his versatility does make him an intriguing target as a swing tackle, especially if Rivera doesn't trust Geron Christian.

Jarius Wright

Wright's a wide receiver who was with the Panthers the last two years and also intersected with Turner when Turner was the Vikings QB coach from 2014 to 2016, so he's connected to both the Redskins' head coach as well as their offensive coordinator. 

While the 30-year-old has never topped 42 catches or 600 yards in a season, he's been largely durable as a pro and would be a solid veteran to introduce to what's currently a very young group of wideouts in Washington.

Terry McLaurin and Steven Sims would still be the dynamic go-to guys for the Redskins, but Wright could definitely be a valuable supporting weapon on his own, too.