It seemed like the reported contract of three years and $39 million was too good to be true for Richard Sherman. He was once arguably the best corner in the game but he is coming off of a midseason torn Achilles and he is going to turn 30 at the end of this month. A deal with an average annual value $13 million would put him in among the 10 highest-paid corners in the NFL.

But let this be your first 2018 lesson in the devil is in the details. Per Tom Pelissaro of NFL Media, Sherman will make $13 million this year only if he is on the 46-man roster for every game, meet playing time incentives, and makes the Pro Bowl. His only guaranteed money is his $5 million signing bonus and $2 million salary. That’s pretty good money but certainly not as good as the initial reports made it sound.

So, over the coming weeks when you hear eye-popping contract numbers remember that these usually come from the player’s agent, who wants to make himself and his client look as good as possible. The details usually show a less lucrative deal. In fact, remember that when we get the details of Alex Smith’s extension. I’ll bet dollars to donuts that it won’t sound as good as the initial report of four years, $94 million with $71 million guaranteed.



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