Washington Football

Washington Football

Every Madden player at one point or another in their video game career has inserted a specialist at quarterback and enjoyed the ensuing chaos. It's practically a rite of passage. 

This past weekend, though, one gamer actually rode that radical lineup decision to a 2020 Madden Bowl victory.

On Saturday night, the apparently revered Raidel Brito capped what some are calling "the greatest Madden season ever," shutting out his opponent in the final matchup of virtual football's premier tournament. 

And he did it all with Tress Way as his signal-caller.

In the tournament, teams were constructed under salary cap restraints, just like they are in the league. So, Brito picked up Way to be his QB on the cheap, allowing him to target more expensive difference makers at other spots on the roster. He then chose to employ a run-only offense once the action got going.


The term "run-only" isn't being used lightly, either. Brito didn't call on Way to attempt even a single pass in the competition. In other words, he went with a scheme that would make Bill Callahan well up with joy. 

The unusual approach worked to perfection, and now, Brito is $65,000 richer and also the proud owner of a 12-pound gold championship belt. He profited off of what most people do when they're in their sixth hour of PS4-ing.


Redskins long snapper Nick Sundberg obviously approved of the results when he saw them on his timeline:

Real Life Tress Way is 2-for-2 in his career with a passer rating of 118.7. That's pretty damn good for a punter — but it also officially pales in comparison to what his less throw-happy Madden counterpart just accomplished.

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