Time will tell if the Redskins will ever be, you know, good again under Ron Rivera. However, the more and more that he talks, it sure seems like they'll at least always be prepared under their new coach.

The latest indication of that comes from Rivera's appearance on the Peter King Podcast. The longtime football analyst recently had Washington's new leader on to discuss how the organization will handle the upcoming draft and its new virtual format, specifically when it comes to fielding trade calls.

That topic is especially appropriate to broach with Rivera, considering that the Redskins hold the No. 2 selection in the first round and could find themselves busy on Zoom that night. He explained that he and VP of Player Personnel Kyle Smith are already running through scenarios and figuring out who will handle discussions should a franchise come calling.

One specific thing they're working on these days is finding their "cut off time," meaning the part of the clock when they'll stop considering a move and just focus on making their pick.

"We're not going to waste time," Rivera told King. "You don't want to take a chance; you've got four minutes to go and all of a sudden, now somebody starts calling."

"If that's going to happen early, great, we'll talk about it," he continued. "If not, we're moving on, we're not going to hesitate."



While Rivera would absolutely prefer the lead-up to his first draft with the Burgundy and Gold, plus the event itself, to be much more normal, he is taking it in stride. According to him, the altered regulations when it comes to meeting with prospects as well as the lack of Pro Days will push each team in the same way once they're up to choose later this month.

"This is really going to test us and it's kind of interesting that we're going to be going back to the fundamentals of scouting and coaching," he said. 

Rivera's having plenty of conversations about how he'll deal with coaching his current roster, too. He's been in touch with his coordinators and coaches daily and he wants them to all have the same approach whenever they begin instructing the players: Simple is better. 

"Everything is going to branch off from our base fundamentals, everything is going to branch off from our basics," Rivera said. "So let's make sure we're getting our fundamentals down, we're getting our basics through to our players and let's really stick to the core, to the meat of what we want to do. And then, when we do get the chance to get with them, we can go from there."

"We've got to be really good at the simple things," he concluded.

With Rivera in charge and paying close attention to every detail, it feels like the Redskins have a terrific chance at accomplishing just that.