Days before cashing in on a contract that is going to bring with it a lot of zeroes, Kirk Cousins published a blog post thanking the Redskins organization and various coaches and players for a period of his career that he called a "dream come true."

Among those whom Cousins mentioned in his Monday goodbye to Washington are Mike Shanahan, Jay Gruden, Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder. The QB also gave plenty of love to Burgundy and Gold supporters and teammates such as Ryan Kerrigan, Colt McCoy and Trent Williams.

"Knowing I will not be putting on a Redskins jersey next season, it’s hard to look back at all that’s taken place and not become emotional," Cousins wrote. "Thank you all for the opportunity you gave me. When Cooper [Cousins' son] someday asks: 'Hey Dad, what was it like playing for the Redskins?' I’ll proudly tell him it was a dream come true."


Of course, because it's Cousins-related, the blog didn't just go up without controversy. Soon after it was posted, astute readers noticed that at the bottom of the page, somebody included tags for the Vikings and the Jets.

The tags have since been removed, however. It was just another example of how Cousins and tags don't really go well together.

For the full post, head here. And if you were hoping to see the entirety of Cousins' six years in the nation's capital summed up in a neatly edited video, scroll back up to the top of this story and hit play.