Trent Williams' phone is likely buzzing quite a bit these days, with texts and calls coming in from teammates, coaches, reporters and friends who are all trying to figure out what's going on and whether he'll return to the Redskins.

Adrian Peterson doesn't want to be one of those people who are constantly checking in, however.

"I talked to him about it maybe three weeks ago," Peterson told reporters in Ashburn on Tuesday. "I shot my shot. I know how Trent is, so I just left it alone. After we talked that first time about it, I wasn't going to be the guy that was going to pester him or anything like that... I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't come back, and if he did, I wouldn't be surprised. That's honestly where I sit."

No. 26's media session came hours after ESPN shared some comments from him where he explained that Williams' absence is affecting the whole team, especially the quarterbacks. He elaborated on what it feels like without him following practice.

"We've all been missing him," Peterson said. "He's a fun guy to be around. He's a good person in general. One of my real close, close friends. Not having him over there, it's been rough."

Tuesday was the first time in a few months where players and reporters converged in the Redskins' locker room at the organization's Ashburn facility, and Williams' stall was still there and still filled with his belongings. One can wonder how long that'll be the case, though, as he's apparently made it clear he won't rejoin and as other franchises are starting to inquire about his availability.


Peterson, obviously, hopes that Williams does eventually make his way back. The future Hall of Fame running back is excited to see what the Burgundy and Gold will do this season, but that excitement will inevitably drop if there's someone other than Williams starting at left tackle in Week 1.

"When you're missing the best player on the team, you're going to feel the effect of that," Peterson said. "It's different for our quarterbacks to sit back there and not know for certain that their backside is protected. When Trent is back there, you know that your backside is protected. It just brings confidence for the quarterbacks and for the running backs, too, within the run game."

So, now Peterson will join the many others who are waiting for this saga to conclude. And while he won't be hitting Williams' phone, you can bet he'll be checking his own, hoping to get the message that No. 71 is ready to suit up in D.C. again.

Whether he ever gets that message is still anyone's guess.