The Redskins are approaching single-digit days away from taking the field in Philadelphia on Sept. 8 to kick off the regular season, and the team's best player is nowhere in sight.

Left tackle Trent Williams has continued his hold out through the preseason, and there are no signs as to when he may return to the Burgundy and Gold.

Williams has remained quiet throughout his absence, meaning the reasons for staying away from Redskins Park have remained private. Reports have surfaced that the Pro Bowler was unsatisfied with the way Washington's medical staff treated his scalp injury and vowed to never play for the team again. The Redskins have moved on, as head coach Jay Gruden announced that veteran Donald Penn, who the team just signed in July, will be protecting Case Keenum's blindside during Week 1.

Despite all the signs that hint at No. 71 never playing for the Redskins again, team president Bruce Allen remains confident that their left tackle of choice will return soon.

Sitting down with NBC4's Sherree Burruss, Allen was asked whether he envisioned a return.

"Well I think Trent is going to play football, yes," he told Burruss. "We had a surprising retirement this week in the NFL. I don't see Trent retiring." 

Burruss then followed up by asking whether that would be with the Redskins or another franchise.

Allen had a firm, direct response.


"No. It'll be with us," he said.

While Allen remains confident, nothing from either side makes one think that a resolution will come any time soon. He would not share anything from the discussions he's had with Williams, nor mention the last time the two of them spoke.

"I'm not going to go into any conversation I have with a player," Allen said. "He's told me his thoughts."

Until this situation comes to a close, it'll be the 36-year-old Penn starting at left tackle for the Burgundy and Gold.

With a trip to Philadelphia just a handful of days away, the Redskins must stay paying attention to the task at hand.

"We're in full mode right now, even before this preseason game, preparing for Philadelphia," Allen said. "It's time to get going."