On a recent Redskins Talk podcast episode, JP Finlay said that, while those in the area may believe the Redskins have all the factors needed to become an intriguing team for HBO's "Hard Knocks" to profile, they may not be appealing on a national level.

That's probably true to an extent: Fans who follow the franchise have already grown to love Derrius Guice, for instance, but how much does Guice mean to an average NFL watcher? Not much. 

HBO and the league could force other organizations like the Raiders, Giants and 49ers to be on the show, too, much like they could the 'Skins. You could make the case that those three would all be easier to sell as the main attraction on the summer series. 

Forget all of that, though. Washington is LOADED with players and coaches who'd star if they were to appear on "Hard Knocks," even if it doesn't initially appear like that's the case. For example...

  • Guice: He's a mega-talented player coming off a serious injury, which is a terrific on-field storyline. Off the field, meanwhile, he takes fans out to movies and does ridiculous things at bowling alleys. He'd shine. 
  • Tress Way: He's a personable punter who also, according to teammate Nick Sundberg, is good at basically any other sport that's ever been played on this planet. You should see him on the ping pong table. It's better than watching Federer. 
  • Adrian Peterson: He's a future Hall of Famer looking to finish out his career strong and achieve a few more epic milestones. What else needs to be said?
  • Jim Tomsula and Rob Ryan: Forget showing anything else. Every episode should just be these two coaches, mic'd up, talking football. And life. And whatever else they want to talk about. 
  • Chris Thompson: He's the classiest dude ever. He'd make every viewer feel like they need to be more polite.
  • Jonathan Allen: Jonathan Allen takes football so seriously, so it'd be worth seeing what he's like away from the field. Does he take walking the dog seriously, too? Or napping?
  • Brandon Scherff: Someone needs to film him on a hunting trip. "Hard Knocks" may finally be the ones who could pull it off. 
  • Jay Gruden: Here's a hot take — Jay would be funnier on HBO than his brother, Jon. Believe it.
  • Paul Richardson: The man puts ketchup on his tacos. That alone is worth a three-minute segment.
  • Josh Norman: You could ask Josh Norman what his favorite kind of envelope is and he'd give you a very compelling answer. He'd emerge as perhaps the most quotable player on the Burgundy and Gold. 
  • Trey Quinn: An underdog-type player who used his first pro touchdown as a chance to pay tribute to "The Office" deserves more screen time. That's just a fact.

All of those guys, and plenty others, would make a Redskins "Hard Knocks" must-see television. And that's not even mentioning that this is a team that should have a QB battle on its hands and a coach whose job status is not exactly secure.

Ultimately, should you expect to see Washington as the featured franchise on HBO? No. But if they do somehow end up as the subject, they'd deliver. They have Jim Tomsula and Rob Ryan, people. They'd deliver.