Washington Football

Washington Football

There's been more movement toward the Redskins changing their name over the past few days than there was in the past handful of years combined.

The team itself is reviewing the issue. Ron Rivera has expressed that he wants the switch to happen before the 2020 season. And every fan has a suggestion for what the new name should be

Not everyone is buying that Washington's football team will eventually be known by something else, though. Take Skip Bayless, for example. He's taking the opposite stance.

"I'll believe this when I see it," Bayless said on Monday during his Undisputed show on FS1. 

While Bayless does believe Redskins is "completely disparaging and disrespectful" to Native Americans, he still thinks Dan Snyder will do what he can to keep it. 

"I will bet you right now that Dan Snyder's game plan is that he's hoping to wait this out," Bayless said. "He's hoping that Black Lives Matter dies down just a little bit so he goes back under the radar with his nickname."


Bayless went on to cite Snyder growing up as a fan of the franchise as another reason why he doesn't anticipate the owner actually following through on a move many are calling imminent.


Snyder knows how many people have deep ties to the Redskins and their history, and he won't want to take that away from those people in the end. 

"I'll be shocked if this gets done before the kickoff in September," Bayless concluded. "I'm going to be surprised if it gets done at all."