Washington Football

Washington Football

It's already hard to win in the NFL, but that hard task becomes downright grueling when you're beating yourself long before you even get to the stadium. That's a fact the Redskins know all too well by now.

Washington has simply been a mess as of late when it comes to being aligned and unified, and during an interview with the Redskins Talk podcast, NFL Network host Dan Hellie attributed their troubles in those areas to one man: Bruce Allen.

Allen's inability to allow others to receive credit and have success was a massive problem for the Burgundy and Gold during his tenure, according to Hellie.

"The infighting crushed that organization and I’m not just talking about the on the field product," he said.

Hellie cited the December 2018 firing of the well-regarded Brian Lafemina, who was brought on to lead the team's marketing and improve its relationship with fans, as a prime example of Allen's major flaw.

Lafemina was given just eight months on the job before he was forced out, and that decision summed up just how dysfunctional the Redskins could be with Allen leading the way.

"Why do you think that happened?" Hellie said. "It happened because there was a massive power struggle with Bruce Allen."

Allen, of course, is no longer with the Redskins. Ron Rivera is now in charge, and with the way the franchise is currently constructed, there's no one standing between him and Dan Snyder. 



That alone is a promising sign in Hellie's eyes, since it shows the "full faith" the owner has in his new coach.

"I’m convinced that Dan has grown up as an owner," Hellie told Redskins Talk.

Snyder's growth is also evident because Rivera wasn't the most flashy hire Washington could've made this offseason.

Urban Meyer, for example, would've generated far more buzz. Plucking someone like Matt Rhule out of the college ranks and dropping him into the pros would've done so, too.

This time, though, Snyder passed on driving headlines to instead secure someone who could lead the entire operation and not just the 55 players on Sundays.

"I think the most important thing for the Redskins right now is having one voice," Hellie said. "I believe that the hiring of Ron Rivera is going to enable them to get better as an organization over the long haul."

The use of "organization" there is vital.

Yes, it's the team who ultimately influences the scoreboard every week, but to put that team in the best position, the organization around it must be running smoothly. Nothing was smooth under Allen. With Rivera, however, the chaos should stop, which should allow the Redskins to in turn generate more chaos come kickoff.