As injury questions mount for Colt McCoy, what's the impact on Dwayne Haskins?


Colt McCoy deserves better. He's one of the hardest working and nicest players in the NFL. He holds innate leadership traits. His coaches appreciate him and his teammates respect him.

Despite all of that, it seems that for the Redskins 2019 season, McCoy's chances at winning the starting quarterback job are over.

"It's not good for Colt obviously but like I said, what's most important for Colt is to get that [leg] to where he can fire off of it, push off of it. It's his right leg, so he's not getting enough fire off of it push off of it and until he feels like he's 100 percent doing that, I'm not going to put him back there," Redskins head coach Jay Gruden said on Sunday. 

The news about McCoy comes after he missed practice on Sunday and missed Washington's second straight preseason game last Thursday. The veteran quarterback still hasn't gotten past the broken tibia suffered last December, and that included multiple surgeries to try and fix the problem. Now, nearly 10 months later, the problem still isn't fixed. 

"Oh man, it might not be the end of camp, it might be two or three weeks into the season. We don't know yet," Gruden said of McCoy's return. "There's no timetable for him until he feels like he's 100 percent to push off that leg. Until that time comes, he's going to be rehabbing."

As tough as the news is for McCoy, it potentially means something very different for rookie Dwayne Haskins. 


With McCoy in the fold, most informed observers thought he would win the starting job Week 1 in Philadelphia. Now that doesn't seem very likely. Does that mean the rookie could get the gig?

Case Keenum would say no. He's also a veteran passer, and he's started both preseason games with McCoy out. Keenum hasn't been great, but he's been fine, and odds are he starts ahead of Haskins. 

That said, the door for Haskins to emerge as the starter is undoubtedly more open than it was before the latest McCoy news. On the most simple level, two weeks ago Haskins had to beat out Keenum and McCoy to get the start. Now it seems like the Ohio State star just needs to beat out Keenum. 

Haskins still seems like a long shot to start Week 1 in Philadelphia, and that seems like a smart, prudent approach for the Redskins. Maximizing Haskins' immense potential is about years, not weeks, and Washington would not be served by rushing the rookie on the field. 

That said, Haskins might get more chances with the starting group this Thursday in Atlanta. Gruden explained that Haskins already got some time with some starters on the offensive line, and that could increase. 

It's also undeniable that Haskins presents the highest upside of the quarterback group. He was the 15tth overall pick for a reason. He has the biggest arm on the team and showed his big-play ability last week against the Bengals. 

On Sunday Colt McCoy said his return would be "sooner rather than later." He also explained that he visited renowned foot specialist Dr. Robert Anderson during training camp. His injury is from last December, and it's still not right. McCoy could be back tomorrow, or he could be back in October. Nobody knows, including the player or the coach. 

The uncertainty around McCoy doesn't guarantee Haskins will take the field any sooner this fall. But it does make the scenario easier to see.