A picture is worth a thousand Twitter hot takes. That's the saying, right?

Jaime Lopez-Verduzco was one of a few fans who landed a selfie with Dwayne Haskins on Sunday. Haskins, understandably, was thrilled to notch his first NFL victory, and he wanted to celebrate that moment with some folks behind Washington's bench.

The problem, however, was that it wasn't an official win at the time Haskins started posing for pictures. There were still a few seconds left in the contest, and ultimately, Case Keenum had to step on to the field and execute the final snap instead of Haskins.

To some, it was a major sign of immaturity from the first-round passer. To others, the consternation isn't warranted. Put Lopez-Verduzco in the second group.

"We're both young people and humans who are enjoying the game and the beauty of the game and that should never be lost," the 24-year-old told on Sunday evening.

According to Lopez-Verduzco, Haskins was "being very responsive" with the fans in his area, and No. 7 apparently snapped multiple pictures with people before realizing there was still time remaining in the Week 12 matchup.

In reflecting on the exchange, Lopez-Verduzco explained that both he and Haskins made "rookie mistakes" — Lopez-Verduzco's error was distracting the player, while Haskins's slip-up was not being more focused — yet he also reiterated the QB "shouldn't be scolded" for showing emotion and engaging with his supporters.

"I feel like Haskins was doing the team and the NFL a huge service by making that connection and reestablishing that bond with the fans," he said. "A lot of times, when they disassociate themselves from the fans, they lose that bond, they don't have that attachment."


"It was a very special connection," he later added.

Sunday was actually Lopez-Verduzco's first pro game. The Stanford grad recently moved to the area and has essentially adopted the Burgundy and Gold as his favorite franchise. He got the prime, on-field seats through work.

As the always calm and collected Internet has weighed in on the selfie situation, Lopez-Verduzco, who was previously quite reserved on Twitter, has found himself in many back-and-forths about what happened. He didn't expect the craze at all, but he's handling it well and also believes he did more than enough to secure a spot in those same work seats in the future.

"I justified why I should go to the next game and the next game and the next game," he said.

And while the Redskins are currently mired in a slump that's causing many to question why they remain so devoted to such a struggling organization, Lopez-Verduzco is ready to become more invested. In some ways, he even means that literally.

"Obviously, the Redskins are going to have a very special place for me in my heart," he said. "And yes, I'm going to be getting a Haskins jersey."