Despite the fact he's yet to play a meaningful snap for the Washington Redskins, Derrius Guice has ingratiated himself as a fan favorite since the beginning of last season. On Saturday's Fan Appreciation Day, he continued to build upon that favorable reputation. 

During the signing session, Guice gave away one of his cleats to a fan. When asked if he would gift the other, Guice took it as an opportunity to create a competition. The fan that cheered the loudest would win his footwear, and suddenly a frantic mix of kids and adults began screaming at the top of their lungs. 

Guice strolled along the sea of burgundy searching for a worthy recipient, eventually awarding the autographed second shoe to a teenage boy sporting a Redskins t-shirt. 

After missing his entire rookie season with a torn ACL, Guice has set out to distinguish himself from a crowded backfield featuring Adrian Peterson and Chris Thompson. So far this training camp, he's made some impressive plays, an encouraging sign for a Redskins offense with question marks at a variety of positions.