PHOENIX - Jay Gruden spoke for an hour on Tuesday morning at league meetings and one thing became abundantly clear: the Redskins plan on doing everything they can to win in 2019. 

"We gotta win now," he explained. "Ryan Kerrigan's not expecting us to come out and build for the future. ... Landon Collins didn't come here to be good in 2034."

How they plan on doing that, however, remains very much a mystery. 

Gruden revealed that he still doesn’t know what his team's offensive identity will be this fall but he does want to play physical, tough football much like the Burgundy and Gold did to start 2018.

There’s plenty more the coach doesn’t know for 2019, however, and the biggest question mark comes at quarterback. 

For OTAs and minicamp, it’s possible only Case Keenum will be healthy as Colt McCoy recovers from surgery. The coach revealed that the team tried to push McCoy back fast last year from a broken leg, and now the quarterback has time to properly get his leg healed. 

That’s something to watch. 

There is also a large suspicion the ‘Skins will add a passer in the draft, and Gruden said nothing to slow that speculation down. While he didn’t comment on trading for Josh Rosen (league rules don’t allow a coach to speak on another player) he spoke plenty about a rookie signal caller. 


"You look at the skill set, his production over the years, how much has he played?" he answered when asked what he looks for in passing prospects. "Critical situations, how he's progressed throughout his career." 

Another quarterback is coming. He will be on a rookie contract. Believe that. 

Also, Gruden said he doesn’t like carrying three quarterbacks on his roster. You'd think last year's Mark Sanchez situation would force the him to change his mind. He hasn’t. 

He wasn't just focused under center, though. The head coach talked glowingly about Samaje Perine, but to keep him means holding four running backs on the 53-man roster. That was weird. 

Gruden challenged some other players, too, honing in on Josh Norman and Ryan Anderson specifically. 

Gruden said he wants Norman to reach “superstar status" and that Anderson needs to have a big year. 

Both challenges were fair. And if Washington is going to win in 2019, both challenges need to be met. 

In the end, Gruden remained steadfast his team will compete for the NFC East title. That’s just how he’s wired, and really, it's the only mindset an NFL coach can carry. 

Gruden and the Redskins want to win big. That’s obvious. 

How they do it remains a bit of a mystery.