As speculation grows about the Redskins landing on HBO's Hard Knocks documentary during training camp, Washington head coach Jay Gruden made clear what team he thinks should be on the show. 

"If they were smart they would go to Oakland. I mean what an entertainment value that would be," Gruden said Wednesday after Redskins OTAs.

The coach listed a number of Raiders players like Antonio Brown and Vontaze Burfict as reasons to get the show, and included his own brother Jon Gruden as another selling point for HBO. 

"They got to be crazy not to go to Oakland."

Never at a loss for words, Gruden joked that Hard Knocks can do the Raiders this year and come feature the Redskins in 2020. When it was pointed out to the head coach that the Redskins can't be on the program if they make the playoffs in 2019, Gruden delivered his best line. 

"If we don't make the playoffs I probably won't be here anyway."

Watch the full clip of Gruden's answer on HBO's 'Hard Knocks' in the video player above.