Trent Williams has made it very clear that he is ready to move on from the nation's capital, and Jay Gruden appears to have lost his optimism that the star left tackle will change his mind.

“I have no expectations whatsoever anymore,” Gruden said. “I’m kind of numb to the fact so we’re just going to coach the guys that we have; that’s all that we can do right now.”

Williams did not partake in any offseason training, and has made no inclination that he plans to return. The team has been rumoured to not be shopping the former first round pick, but with no end in sight to Williams' holdout, the potential return from an exchange will be decreasing by the week.

Redskins President Bruce Allen hasn't lost his confidence that the two sides will reach an agreement, and believes that they can reconcile their differences. 

Former Redskins safety DeAngelo Hall weighed in on the discussion and believes that there is "zero chance" that Williams returns to Redskins Park.

The clock is ticking, and neither party appears to be willing to cave.