RICHMOND — If you had under six minutes for the, "When would Jay Gruden have his first terrific line at training camp?" prop bet, congratulations, because you're a winner. 

The head coach made the media room explode early in to his opening press conference in Richmond on Wednesday, one day before his team held their first practice. Gruden was asked for his thoughts on Josh Norman's bull-jumping video that surfaced a few weeks ago, and his response didn't disappoint. 

"I knew the bull wouldn't hit him," he said, pausing for a beat. "He avoids contact." 

"Just kidding Josh," he added loudly over all of the laughter.

Norman has crammed a lot into his offseason, from flying with the Blue Angels to helping out in Flint, MI. But his running with the bulls in Spain stood out, because, you know, he leapt over the animal multiple times.

Gruden, however, didn't seem too bothered by it all.

"He's experienced more things in his life at his young age than most people have in their whole life," he said. "I applaud Josh, the way he lives his life."

He did admit that "we wouldn't recommend that for our players, we want them out of harm's way." Yet, overall, he seemed much more concerned with other matters, such as Trent Williams' absence (understandably). 


So, that marks the first zing by Gruden while behind Richmond's podium. It certainly won't be his last.