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Jay Gruden's son arrested and charged with being drunk in public after Saturday incidents

Loudoun County Sheriff's Office

Jay Gruden's son arrested and charged with being drunk in public after Saturday incidents

Jay Gruden's 22-year-old son, Jack, was arrested early Saturday morning at the One Loudoun shopping center in Ashburn, Virginia and charged with being drunk in public, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

Around 2:15 a.m., a deputy observed a confrontation that involved Gruden and another male, per the Sherriff's Office. The two separated, but Gruden pursued the other person to continue the argument. 

That's when the deputy chose to intervene, again separating the two. However, Gruden later found himself in two more confrontations with other people in the area and he was eventually arrested. 

Gruden has since been released from the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center on a personal recognizance bond. A personal recognizance bond is a written promise signed by the defendant saying that he or she will be in attendance for future court appearances and not participate in any further illegal activity.

Gruden works for the Redskins as a video assistant, helping film drills and team work at practices. Washington released a statement Monday afternoon after the news broke.

"We are aware of the arrest of Jack Gruden," Tony Wyllie, the Redskins Senior Vice President of Communications, said. "We are gathering more information and will not comment until we have further details." 

Safety Montae Nicholson was also arrested at One Loudoun back in December on assault charges. 


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Here's how Bill Callahan justified the Redskins starting Montae Nicholson against the Jets

USA TODAY Sports Images

Here's how Bill Callahan justified the Redskins starting Montae Nicholson against the Jets

The Redskins chose to start Montae Nicholson at safety in Week 11 against the Jets, a game that took place just a few days after Nicholson's reported girlfriend, Julia Crabbe, died of an apparent drug overdose at his house early last Thursday morning.

On Monday, Bill Callahan was asked multiple times to justify that decision.

His first answer focused solely on the process of physically clearing Nicholson to play and didn't address Crabbe's death or how Nicholson was handling it emotionally. The defender had been dealing with an ankle injury that kept him out of Washington's previous two contests.

"I don't think there was a huge decision relative to his health," Callahan said. "We had worked him out prior to the game and he was OK to go, and we monitor that pretty closely and felt pretty positive about inserting him and starting him in the game."

A follow-up was then posed in an effort to get an answer about Nicholson's mindset and ability to play football when he was still processing the recent death of his reported girlfriend. 

Callahan explained he "didn't get into all of that" with Nicholson, but others within the franchise did.

"He spoke to a lot of other people in the organization relative to that situation," the interim coach told reporters. "From my perspective, in terms of playing him and the decision of playing him was strictly based on coaching gathered with all of the other information I had."

Callahan was then pressed one last time on the matter of how Nicholson was feeling mentally and whether he should've been allowed to suit up. According to the coach, the Redskins were content with letting Nicholson make the call.

"There was a discussion. He was prepared to play," Callahan said. "Those questions were put forth and it was ultimately his decision to play. That's why, when you work out a player before a game and you go out and you take him through any type of pregame conditioning, pregame test or standard drill for that matter, it's always a player's decision whether they're ready to play or not. He was physically ready to play and he wanted to play, so that was strictly his decision and he had the freedom to make that decision."

All in all, Callahan's comments felt callous, and his first answer — in which he acted as if the only thing to take into consideration was whether Nicholson's ankle was stable enough — bordered on preposterous.

A member of the Redskins public relations staff later came to the media to clarify that Callahan wasn't trying to gloss over the tragedy. All he was looking to do, per the official, was walk through the gameday process of getting a player ready to go. 

Of course, this is a very difficult thing to talk about. A 21-year-old died and it's important that everyone discussing it keeps that in mind. Perhaps Callahan hoped his first response would suffice and he wouldn't have to delve into anything more. It didn't suffice, however, and neither did his other quotes.

Unfortunately, the overall justification to play Nicholson wasn't nearly enough, in what was another misstep for the Redskins in a season full of them.


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After Jets loss, Bill Callahan feels bad for Redskins fans and they deserve better

USA Today Sports

After Jets loss, Bill Callahan feels bad for Redskins fans and they deserve better

On Sunday the Jets came out and drilled the Redskins on their home field. Washington, fresh off a bye week, gave up a touchdown on the opening drive and gave up 34 points before finally scoring their first touchdown. 

That score came in the fourth quarter, and it was the Redskins' first TD in more than a month. To say things are going poorly for the Redskins would be quite an understatement, and against the Jets, the Redskins played their worst game of a season filled with new low points. 

The poor performance wasn't lost on Redskins interim head coach Bill Callahan. 

"I feel bad for our fans. Our fans come to the game and expect a quality product to be put on the field and it wasn’t displayed yesterday and that’s what eats at me," Callahan said on Monday.

The coach's comments came about 24 hours after the 34-17 loss to the Jets. This loss seems particularly tough for Callahan because he thought his team made strides during the bye week and the Jets presented a beatable foe. That proved incorrect. 

"That’s what bothers me. I feel I let our fans down in that respect and it falls on my shoulders. I accept that," he said. "When it doesn’t translate from the meeting to the grass to the game field, that’s where I get disappointed and that’s where I deepen my resolve and go back and try to dive down and find more solutions, find more answers, find more reasons."

Callahan pledged to keep working hard to get wins, even in a season where draft position for 2020 might be more important than a second or third victory.