Washington Football

Washington Football

Another day, another Redskins players casually putting up an insane amount of weight while working out.

The most recent comes from Jonathan Allen, as the defensive end posted a video of him squatting during a workout with fellow front seven members Tim Settle and Ryan Kerrigan. However, this isn't just your average squat attempt. 

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is indeed Allen squatting a bar that features six plates... on each side. Based on the amount and size of the plates being used, there is at least 500 pounds, and probably more, of weight resting on his shoulders. That amount is also known as the equivalent of having a grizzly bear on your back.

Some will say Allen "didn't bend down all the way." Sure, maybe he could have sank down a little lower, but he also has 500-plus pounds that he is trying to push up. That amount of weight pretty much makes any task humanly impossible, so Allen gets all the hype and credit.


If you're sitting on the couch right now watching thinking "maybe I shouldn't fulfill my snack cravings today," former Redskins safety Will Blackmon is here to assure you that it is all okay.

His workout is just the latest in what has become a strongman competition between the Redskins defensive front. Rookie Chase Young was recently seen benching a weight total that made people wonder if the picture was photoshopped. Daron Payne and Kerrigan, who is helping Allen here, posted videos of them pushing cars down the road at an impressive speed. Kerrigan even stated that it wasn't too much of a challenge.


The Redskins front seven has the talent -- and muscle -- to be a dominant unit in 2020 and beyond. If opposing offensive linemen and quarterbacks weren't already nervous to face off with them, these videos are surely getting them there.

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