Josh Norman made a series of strong comments Thursday regarding Panthers safety Eric Reid and the Players Coalition.

The comments come after Reid had a slew of disparaging remarks towards Malcolm Jenkins and the Players Coalition last Sunday. As a member of the coalition, Norman felt the need to respond.

"To hear Eric come out and do what he did, it’s almost like, wow, that was a slap in the face because Malcolm has been nothing but stand up in the Players Coalition," Norman said Thursday. "Nothing but stand up, and everyone knows that." 

The Players Coalition is a group of NFL players working towards criminal justice reform in coordination with financial support from the NFL. Reid, and more famously Colin Kaepernick, are not a part of the Coalition. 

Norman and Reid have a history of disagreeing over the direction and leadership with the Players Coalition. In a Feburary story from The Undefeated, Norman reportedly offered to buy Reid a plane ticket so the two could have a face-to-face discussion to settle their differences. Norman explained that Reid did not attend a meeting to discuss the Players Coalition's direction, and opted not to return multiple phone calls this week either.

Now, Norman wanted to defend Jenkins after Reid took personal shots at the Eagles safety and the Coalition.

"We're all trying to go in the direction of helping people. That is the main objective here. It’s not who gets this award, it’s not a parade here," Norman said. 


The Redskins cornerback made clear that he supports Reid and Kaepernick moving their own direction and fighting opression as they see fit. But Norman will not tolerate that happening at the expense of the good work being done by the Player's Coalition. 

"I got facts to where guys are doing things in the Players Coalition that are making changes, true changes," he said. 

Reid had the chance to confront Norman on the field a few weeks back when the Panthers played the Redskins. Norman said that didn't happen. 

Norman also explained that the Players Coalition is doing real work every week around the country, and his personal efforts are well documented, including a humanitarian trip to the U.S./Mexico border in June. 

"You get a call, you’re going to show up at awards shows and stuff? Come on man. But you don’t want to come out and help what we’re trying to do at the Players Coalition? I don’t know, you tell me if that’s not somebody’s agenda. I just don’t get it."