Redskins cornerback Josh Norman is upset with the way his comments about Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott were portrayed by some media outlets this week.

Speaking after a humbling 31-21 loss to Dallas at FedEx Field on Sunday, Norman went on a three-minute rant disputing the portrayal of comments he felt were not critical at all of Prescott, just a general observation of how NFL quarterbacks will play if you don’t put pressure on them.

“[Prescott] is a great football player. Dak always has been a great football player,” Norman said. “And they did a great job out here today and they showed that. But what I will not do [is] allow the media - or whomever the case may be – [is] stir my words and change them to what they want it to be. It never has been the case. Never have been the case.

”Prescott torched the Redskins for 26 of 30 passes and 269 yards with three touchdowns. He was intercepted once, but after a scoreless first quarter Dallas took control of the game. At 6:18 of the second quarter, Prescott hit wide receiver hit Devin Smith for a 51-yard touchdown pass. Norman was beat in coverage on the play, though he refused to say one way or the other if he was supposed to have safety help.

Prescott completed 25 of 32 passes for 405 yards and four touchdowns in a 35-17 win against the New York Giants in Week 1. His passer rating was a perfect 158.3. Norman was asked about that performance on Thursday.


"You stand back there in the pocket all day and go through your first, second and third reads and come back to your first one, OK, cool. Anybody can do that," Norman told reporters in Ashburn, Va.

"At the end of the day, he's been playing well. As you can see, he's evolved. He's growing in the system. He's just taking his keys and picking his targets.

”Newspapers and websites across the country picked up those comments and in many cases used a truncated form of the full quote in headlines and tweets: “Anybody can do that.” That was what angered Norman.

“Because that’s the reason why athletes, entertainers, don’t even want to [expletive] with you guys to be 100 with you,” Norman said. “It’s no need. [Prescott is] my brother. That’s a kin….He’s a great quarterback. All these guys that we play are. I just wish that media would respect that and understand and don’t try to twist people the best opportunity, the chance to get out there. It just really sucks when that happens, man. It really does.”

The comments drew attention from some members of the Cowboys’ organization. Team vice president Stephen Jones addressed them on a radio show in Dallas and deemed them unnecessary. Norman didn’t disagree because he insists he wasn’t trying to take shots at Prescott.

“It’s sad. But now you’ve really got to watch the [reporters] that are doing great jobs. You got to suffer with me because of the spoiled rotten apples that come from hell,” Norman said. “It’s unbearable man. The good reporters that actually come in here and do a job they supposed to do, they hold their head high and you respect them. But it’s those sour apples, man, that make you all jobs suck. It really is, man. And it’s sad. It really is sad. Because you pin us against each other. You pin my brother against my other brother. You don’t have to do that. You don’t.”