Just when you thought "Old Town Road" had finally run its course, Josh Norman brought it back to life.

On Tuesday, the Redskins cornerback graced everyone who has an internet connection with a video set to the Lil Nas X banger, featuring footage of himself riding one of his horses.

Going off of Norman's tweet, the video was meant to convey his excitement about the 2019 NFL season. "We are officially off to the races!!" he wrote.

There's no point in trying to further describe Norman's creation, though. You just need to watch it.

Be ready to enjoy one of the best 94-second stretches of your life:

So... do we cancel the Oscars now and just give that Best Picture, or do we let them continue so everyone can fight for second place?

Everything about that, from his introduction off the top to the way it's edited, is perfect. It's beyond perfect. It's art in the truest form.

Know how people say you'll always remember where you were the moment you heard or saw something? This is one of those moments. Thank you, Josh Norman.