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Josh Norman shares Instagram video from 'Running of The Bulls'

Josh Norman shares Instagram video from 'Running of The Bulls'

If you are anything like me, you'd think Running of The Bulls in Spain has to be one of the most idiotic things a person can do AND I must mention, I do not approve of this treatment of the bulls.

But it has been an on-going tradition since the early 14th century and believe it or not, there are thousands each year that find it to be thrilling and perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  

Including, this year, Josh Norman.

The Redskins corner has always done things outside the box, but his Dancing with the Stars, performing in the Nutcracker, and flying with the Blue Angels is NOWHERE close to this one.  

Always on the go, Norman's latest off-season adventure took him to the small quiet town of Pamplona, Spain (well quiet until over a million people invaded the city for the annual Running of the Bulls festivities) to risk life and limb for the opportunity of a lifetime.  

Or as Norman put it in hashtags, #OneoftheGreatestdayseverinmylifetime and #Feedingthespiritthatliesinthedepths. 

"A Single Picture can say a Thousand words in 1! with that being said, This picture does that number NO JUSTICE. I would start with 💯THOUSAND!!!! as the basement floor! & Elevate from there," he wrote in the caption.

The run is 975 feet total and lasts about two and a half minutes before the bulls are led to the bullring, marking the end of the run.  But that is where the action picks up in Norman's Insta story and when I found myself holding my breath for the entire time Norman was documenting it.  So, I can't breathe and Norman is using choice words to express the insanity of it all. This must end well.

And it does…. it's the only reason I can write this blog now that I have caught my breath and my heart rate is back to normal, because Norman came away unscathed, despite seeing the bulls come too close for comfort quite a few times. 

It is a MUST for me to include this disclaimer ----kids, adults, millennials alike, please do not ever tempt fate like this. You could be seriously injured or worse, lose your life.  Let the bulls be free and you safe with all limbs intact. 

If you want to live on the wild side, I hear there are quite a few restaurants in D.C. where you can ride a "mechanical" bull. Much less risk there.  

And Norman's need for adrenaline will come soon enough, Training Camp begins July 24th in Richmond. 


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Redskins place Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie on IR list

USA TODAY Sports Images

Redskins place Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie on IR list

The Washington Redskins placed Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie on the IR list and officially signed outside linebacker Noah Spence on Wednesday.

Three days earlier, during the first quarter of Washington's Week 2 loss to Dallas, Rodgers-Cromartie limped off the the field with an apparent left leg or ankle injury. 

The cornerback eventually returned to game action. 

In his two games played so far this season, Rodgers-Cromartie has seven combined tackles (five solo). 

Rodgers-Cromartie is in his 12th year in the NFL, his first with the Redskins. He was previously selected to the Pro Bowl twice: once with Arizona in 2009 and once with the Giants in 2015.

Last year, while with the Raiders, Rodgers-Cromartie retired in late October after seven games with Oakland. But his retirement was short-lived and the Redskins signed the cornerback in March. 


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2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.0: Jerry Jeudy, Jeff Okudah highlight both sides of loaded passing game class

2020 NFL Mock Draft 2.0: Jerry Jeudy, Jeff Okudah highlight both sides of loaded passing game class

The NFL season is still very young, but it has become very clear which teams will be drafting near the top of the order when the 2020 NFL Draft takes place on April 23 in Paradise, Nev.

The Dolphins, Bengals, Giants, Jets, and Redskins should all be preparing to have a top 10 draft pick come the 2020 NFL Draft, and with the way the early 2019 NFL regular season is playing out, these teams will need a lot of help. 

That's why the Dolphins have decided to punt on the 2019 season focus on the NFL Draft, trading away a litany of their top players to acquire 2020 draft picks, and lots of them.


The Dolphins will get three first-round draft picks in 2020 thanks to trades with the Texans and Steelers.  Miami will want to invest in a franchise quarterback, but in the modern NFL, you need targets for that franchise QB and you need stars to stop the other team's targets.

While the Dolphins, Bengals, Giants, Jets, and Redskins won't all draft wide receivers or defensive backs, the early NFL season has made it obvious that these teams desperately need help in the pass game, and defending the pass.

Who are the top WR prospects and DB prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft? Glad you asked.


Top WR Prospects in 2020 NFL Draft:

1. Jerry Jeudy, Alabama. Simply put, one of the most talented, explosive WR prospects of the last decade.

2. Tee Higgins, Clemson. Elite ball-catcher with 6-4 frame, but still needs to add muscle and explosiveness.

3. CeeDee Lamb, Oklahoma.  Great route-runner and gifted competitor. One of the most fun WRs to watch play every Saturday.

4. Laviska Shenault, Colorado. An exceptional athlete who always makes big plays. Needs work on technical route-running.

5. Henry Ruggs III, Alabama. The fastest WR in the class is a deep threat every time he lines up.


Top CB prospects in 2020 NFL Draft:

1. Jeffery Okudah, Ohio State. Understands leverage and uses his size to his advantage to be a complete all-around corner.

2. Trevon Diggs, Alabama. Great ability in man coverage and shows great ball skills, as evident in his Week 1 INT VS Duke.

3. Kristian Fulton, LSU. Big physical, explosive CB who is next among great LSU DBs.

4. Bryce Hall, Virginia. Hall is always around the ball evident in his nation-leading 22 pass breakups in 2018.

5. C.J. Henderson, Florida. 6-1 instinctual CB with fluid hips that can turn and run with anyone.