Josh Norman didn't speak to the media after Saturday's loss in Tennessee, so those wanting to hear his thoughts about what happened with Taylor Lewan would have to wait until later.

Well, that "later" turned out to be after Wednesday's practice in Ashburn, some four days following the postgame altercation. But even after taking a few days to process the incident, Norman was still plenty fired up about what took place.

"Why would you come to another man's sideline?" Norman said.

"You go out your way to come to his bench, his sideline, to go at him in that kind of way. Maximum disrespect. Ultimate disrespect. We're not having that, I don't care who we play for or what we do. We will not tolerate disrespect."

Lewan told reporters he sought Norman out because the lineman felt like the defensive back was trying to hurt Derrick Henry late in the Week 16 matchup. According to Norman, however, Henry approached him postgame and the two talked things out and were cool.

Then, No. 24 took another shot back at Lewan, continuing this wild back-and-forth.

"What he should've been worried about and what he should've been relevant about is his quarterback," Norman said. "Because our line ran through him like water through rocks. I mean, gosh, you would think he would've been doing a better job protecting him."

The defender acknowledged the Titans won the close contest and earned that victory, too. But regardless of the final score, he wasn't going to allow Lewan to act like that without a response.


That response, of course, was in the video you've surely seen by now, where the Redskins star threw his helmet at Lewan and then got in his face.

"You come up to someone else's sideline like he did, I don't care how big you are," Norman said. "You can be a giant. You step into that domain, it's kill or be killed. That's how I look at it." 

"I don't take disrespect lightly."