PHOENIX -- When the NFL world all gathers in one spot, the rumors begin to fly. The juiciest right now concerns Arizona quarterback Josh Rosen, and where he will end up for the 2019 season. 

The common assumption suggest the Cardinals will select Kyler Murray with the first overall pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, and in turn, Rosen becomes expendable. 

Just last year, Arizona traded up to get the former UCLA star. Rosen was the Cardinals QB of the future, and started 13 games in his rookie season. He wasn’t very good, but few rookie passers are. He still has a ton of potential, and teams around the league are interested in trading for Rosen. 

One team that might be in the hunt would be the Redskins. 

Washington obviously needs a quarterback. Alex Smith might never play again while Case Keenum and Colt McCoy are only under contract for the 2019 season. 

Asked about looking at Rosen during the pre-draft process in 2018, ‘Skins coach Jay Gruden played coy.

“We scouted Josh for sure,” Gruden said. “Josh is a good football player, but he's not on our team, so no reason to talk about him, is there?” Asked what if Rosen became available, Gruden again laughed it off. 

“Well, he's not available. If Tom Brady becomes available, maybe we should talk to him too.”

Despite Gruden’s attempt to diffuse the Rosen conversation, the topic remains interesting for the Redskins. But new reports show that the price tag Arizona wants for their second-year QB is rising, and the competition from other teams is accelerating too. Joel Klatt reported on FS1's Undisputed on Wednesday that Arizona was offered a second-round pick for Rosen but is holding out for a first-round pick.


If the Redskins do want Rosen, the competition in deal-making could be strong.

The Giants need a quarterback just as bad as the Redskins, and after trading Odell Beckham, have more draft capital to spend if New York wants Rosen. 

The Patriots are stacked with draft picks. New England has two second rounders and three third rounders. They could put together an appealing package for Rosen. 

Washington has draft capital too, with four picks in the Top 100. But folks inside the team’s Ashburn headquarters have expressed reluctance to give up their first-round pick. 

This time of year in the NFL is all about separating the known from the unknown. 

The Redskins scouted Rosen in 2018 and believe he’s a good player. That’s known. Gruden said it. 

Rosen will get moved. That might not be known but it’s widely believed. 

Who wants Rosen, and what will that team pay to get him, that’s the big unknown.