When it comes to offensive coordinators in the NFL, Kevin O'Connell of the Redskins is one of the youngest. Yet on Sunday, when Washington hosts Dallas, O'Connell will be quite older than his counterpart.

Kellen Moore, who's now calling plays for the Cowboys, is just 30 years old, compared to the 34-year-old O'Connell. Moore is in his first season in the role after serving as the team's quarterbacks coach in 2018, and he's already generating a lot of hype.

In Week 1, the Cowboys sliced up the Giants, with Dak Prescott throwing for four touchdowns and posting a perfect passer rating in the opener. He was totally locked in all game and deserves credit for the showing, but many are also pointing to Moore's impact on the signal-caller and overall unit.

Jason Garrett, for one, loves how things are coming together.

"Kellen's off to a really good start," the head coach said. "He's a really smart guy. We had him here as a player for a few years and he's one of those guys that you identify early on and say, 'This guy could be a really good coach.'"

Sure, there's only four quarters of proof, but Moore is already being mentioned as Prescott's Sean McVay and was even shouted out by franchise owner Jerry Jones following the easy victory over New York.

When asked for his thoughts on how Moore's plan differs from what the Cowboys have done in the past, Jay Gruden explained how he doesn't see a massive change, but he does appreciate what Moore has started doing.


"They're very efficient," Gruden said. "I think he did a great job of calling plays for his first game, but very similar. Formationally, they like to run the ball, they do the play-actions off the strong running game that they have, good offensive line, good targets to throw to."

Linebacker Jon Bostic, meanwhile, called Moore's scheme a "headache."

"He's added his wrinkles to it," he said. "You can see he played at Boise, and we had one of those Boise coordinators at Florida, and they shift and motion and trade before every play."

Seven days after being lit up in the second half in Philadelphia, Greg Manuksy's defense will face another loaded group at FedEx Field. The Cowboys boast one of the top running backs in the league, Amari Cooper destroyed the Burgundy and Gold last Thanksgiving, and they're developing a nice supporting cast as well.

Then there's Moore, pro football's new, buzzy coach, the one who's organizing it all. He won't be lining up on the field in Week 2, but he poses just as big a threat to the Redskins as any visiting player will.

"For us," Bostic said, "We gotta get lined up fast, we gotta play by our rules and we gotta be ready to go."